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NDE take of 666
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Published: 9 years ago

NDE take of 666

Post NDE, I would say that knowing of my immortality(that part of me that is love), and then seeing the world in fluctuations of auras of dark and light, I was given a gift to know both time and timelessness. I know the light is love and loves the love in all persons, places and things... I understand those things are timeless and indestructible... but I also understood that some things(unlove) will not survive in time. I saw the whole history and future of the earth. It starts of mostly light but then it mostly fluctuates between 2/3rds light and 1/3rd darkness up until toward the end it is mostly light.

In my NDE, I experienced the absolute love that remains where time ends... but on my return, I was given a gift from some being, who showed me the whole of time, from a vantage just outside of earth... from the beginning...then...after a vast linear amount of time when the earth just popped up there from nothingness... then through age after age... I saw the earth as a living organism of increasing and diminishing light... unto the earth's final destruction in a ball of flames.... and then nothingness again until the end of time.

I also understood we gods(our souls) who fall into time do not feel the pain going on down below. We are as children playing video games with lives where there is little consequence for the losing of them... I understand it as souls being a type of puppeteer pushing the body it inhabits into often horrendous pain and suffering to accomplish what it is that soul believes it needs to grow that aspect of God that we are that chooses to experience pain. I saw the agony in shades of darkness was not even felt by the souls who enter time. They can intellectualize pain but they do not feel pain but we down here feel pain.

For me, I view my own pieces of that indestructible love as valuable, understanding that to grow spiritually in time, we will cause suffering and pain to ourselves and others. I believe it is cruel system that god's play. Upon my return to a body, I knew that time was an imperfect machine used by souls and that grievous wounds were caused by souls who can not feel pain. I understood, returning from my NDE that while I could not prevent causing pain to myself and others, I was to do as little harm as possible(reduce the darkness by not causing more darkness) and even to increase the light by bringing the love I met on the other side to others... through my actions, thoughts and intentions.

I am not saying I do not cause suffering or that I have increased the light of the world more than many but.. if I am going to play this game of living in timelessness, I should be more considerate of the pain and suffering that might be caused by myself and others.

Before my NDE, I thought of those who were not like me: ultra-conservative, nationalistic, white and privileged as less deserving of being loved by God. Post NDE, I understood that God(the sum of all love) loves the light in all people, plants, animals, places and things.. and those things are saved once the greedy video game players, that are lesser aspects of God(the sum of all love), finally end their torturing of bodies below in this dimension of time. I hope, when I finish this life, I will end falling into the dimension of time where the light is approximately .666 light and .333 darkness and move on to improving my soul in more subtle dimensions that are more light than .666 light.

Many aspects of God(the sum of all love) face away from that love we meet in our NDE's to grow in the aspect that we want to develop... but those aspects of God are not God(IMHOP) because they want to play in darkness. I don't want to become God just yet but I do want to move on to higher(greater light) dimensions of love where the light is much greater than .666. Some call it the promised land, the new earth, utopia, Shangri-La, heaven.... While many who experience NDE's experience becoming God... I did not... I experienced that I had to learn the lessons of love... I also understood in my NDE that all love from all of creation is saved... but all unlove is cast away and never makes it into timelessness... so I ought to be doing more love and less unlove. One can say that all is love if one is already in timelessness... but I only have part of me(my soul) in timelessness.... the other part is down here in time... so while part of me is down here... I understood that I should be trying to relieve suffering and helping lift the burdens of others... rather than causing suffering and putting more burdens on others. In timelessness I may be God one day but right now... I am still a work in progress.

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