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Let us out-love one another
rudenski Views: 1,204
Published: 9 years ago

Let us out-love one another

What if instead of searching in other religions to find where they went wrong, religious studies and even the anti-religious would look to find where the other chooses love? It would make for a better day ahead in my humble opinion.

In the light, in my Near Death Experience, I knew what it was that divided one person from the other and it was not their religion but their love... I knew that our loving kindnesses, joys, basic fondness's, gentle moments of interactive sharing of love in relationship, the awe and admiration of the beauty of nature... these things and anything else related to love was made of light... and when we die returns to and is loved by the light. That light is divided from all that is not perfect light from every soul at the end of time... and becomes who and what we are at the end of time... If Christianity helps one add more love to their life then it benefits the soul who follows those with its principles... but for those that love less... and I believe this is the case for many of its followers... and not just Christians but any religion that reduces who God loves limits the love they could have added to their life if they had only loved more.

Religion is often a trap that reduces the love many of its followers are capable of adding to their lives. Religion often gives them less love to share with others when and where time ends. And that is okay... but timelessness is a long time to limit who God loves... so those souls who have limited who God loves may be vulnerable to re-entering or falling into a body that dies again... I know I did... In my Near Death Experience, God asked me if I had learned about love... replying that I had not... I lined up like I had done many times before and returned to the world of burning tears and pain. To me, returning to this place of so much torment and unlove is my hell. I have not learned all my lessons so I burn with desire for things that die.

I came back from the other side knowing that the systems of religions do stop some thieves from stealing sometimes and religion sets up rules that stops some killers from killing sometimes... Setting rules up for thieves and killers may make them reconsider violent actions or theft... or some other villainous act... so one should not eliminate religion completely but God still loves the Christian thieves and Christian killer's love just as much as God loves anyone else's love so Christianity and other religions can still benefit some of its followers. Religion can help direct humans to love one another and lead them in the direction of love but when it doesn't, it is an awful and horrendous thing causing mountains of human misery...

When one believes deep down that God loves those not like themselves, their possibilities of loving increases. But many conservative religious people like to step on others to make themselves taller in God's eyes, believing God loves them more than those not like them. I was one of them until I died. I hope that soon, there will be a peace dividend in this life for those who practice peaceful interactions with those not like them that is more desirable than not being peaceable. While the drums of war beat.. I long for the gentle flute carrying a message of peace.

Some will answer the call of war against their fellow man and everything else that gets in its way while others will choose to follow the path of peace. To me, I choose love as my guide and though I fail to achieve this goal every day, I know that Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims too... Hindu, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics... and ALL people inbetween who choose love add to who and what they are at the end of time... so we should be adding love to who and what we are... and if not... that is okay too... the little love that was shined on every soul will be their reward and that is still a good thing... Stated again, would it not be awesome if religions and even anti-religious people would stop pitting themselves one against another and instead would see who could out-love the other?


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