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Infinite Potential is...
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Published: 11 years ago
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Infinite Potential is...

Infinite potential is what it says it is, with out any filtering(yet). It suggests that all thoughts, ideas, things, etc all arise from infinite potential. It is where the building blocks of reality arise from. There are an infinite amount of possibilities, beliefs etc that can all be created and experienced. One such possibility is christianity. Another is acting like an elf. Another is sitting in a cave meditating. Another is being a school teacher. Another is paining a masterpiece. Another is something that has never been thought of yet.

What you do in that paradigm is up to you and all co-creators.

I think people get confused when they try to associate other possible beliefs to it. When, rather, it is the mother that all beliefs come out of. (Infinite possibilities).

If you think of the act of creation and if you think that creation ultimately has no boundaries(bound only by beliefs), then you begin to get the essence of infinite potential. Infinite potential is not in itself a way to live or a belief in and of itself. It is a concept that allows all ways. Choose your way or story from there. ;-)

You could understand infinite potential ans still choose to be a christian although it may be hard when you apply coherency to the belief. That's not so much about infinite potential as it is shear logic.

Again infinite potential is not a belief. There are no have to's, shoulds etc. These are all formed from infinite potential. When we can freely choose we are not bound by belief systems that may or may not serve us or humanity. We can pick and choose from things already thought of and we can freely choose other things that may be beneficial as well. We can mix and match and newly create. Infinite potential is not a comment on morality. Morality is something that is chosen out of infinite potential. I persoanally BELIEVE (as in belief system) that morality is a wise choice because it empowers rather than dis-empowers but that is a belief, albeit it one based on coherent thought.

Now as an example, i If you really examine the bible on the other hand and look at the ridiculous aspects going on there and even suggesting that there is a guy in the sky calling all the shots while at the same time "he" is relaying how slaves should be treated, how to divide spoils of war, etc, etc, you begin to see that this is a man created fabrication.


I really want you to understand where I am coming from with this.

I think I can sum it up as follows.

Infinite potential = freedom to choose from endless possibilities.

We do this as individuals and we do this as collectives (influences come to play in this obviously which most are in the from of beliefs we have agreed to...some beneficial and many not).

The question we may ask ourselves is...did you freely choose your belief and is it truly freedom of choice or is it choice through a agreed upon filter or set of filters (such as christianity). I only use christianity as one limited belief pattern because it is common and well known. I will now branch out to more in the newly created belief systems debate forum. My aim there is to show the inconsistencies in these beliefs and how they stomp on human potential limiting it greatly.

As far as christianity goes there may be some usable beliefs that can aid one in their life so I suggest never throwing out the baby with the bath water. For instance, for me. a belief that serves me well and i think humanity well, if adhered to, is one commandment that is the king of the rest. Do onto others as you would have them do unto you. Now of course that may not work for everyone, especially iof you have a masochistic tendencies. ;-)

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