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Re: Questions
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Questions

"I guess what I am asking from your experience do you believe that what we may call the totality of GOD is separate from its creation or is it connected to and includes everything as parts of its overall makeup?" -IC

I understood that every soul and loving spirit is connected to the light... from my NDE... but more the light in you that is part of your personality when it exhibits loving kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy, and or awe attached to the beauty of nature... are expressions of love that are made of light... Those intentions put us on the radar of the light I met in heaven. My less than loving aspects are not visible to "the light" but are visible to what I have called angels or my higher self... This is why all loving souls may find themselves separated from the light and feel remorse when they discover their actions do not match what they intrinsically know is love.

I believe these lesser gods(our souls)hide behind free-will and if I could describe freewill in cinematic terms... it would be the spaces in between the celluloid on a movie reel. These less than 'the light' beings are not 'the light.' I understand 'the light' as the light in a room...'The light' is the sum of all love but our lives are what is shined upon. The portions of our intentions within our actions are in alignment the light but those actions that do not match our loving intentions are not 'the light' so not all things are 'the light' even if it takes all of the parts of a movie reel to create the movie. We make babies and admire them but our children are not us(completely)...

If we love one another then those intentions are high lighted and shined upon by the light... but we are almost always double minded about everything we do... We have a loving reason to act and a self- centered reason to act for the same action. When we die, the self-centered parts of us are forgotten and our loving motives remain... The selfish parts of our lives are not 'the light' but when the lights go on in timelessness... our love centered motives are collected by the source of all love and added to the Love story that is the light.

I understand the darkness makes the story appear to move as many people with NDE's see darkness first and then the light in their life reviews. I would add that selfish motives are the spaces in between the frames and the light is just shining pure love through our(loving spirits and souls) and what appears to move is really only an illusion but a very good one...

At the end of time, every love story of loving kindnesses, gentle fondness, awe of the natural beauty and every loving intention attached to an action are added to the love story that is the light... and each spirit and soul can observe either from their personal spirit perspective or soul perspective or from the larger oneness of the whole love story but there are intermediate levels where one can flow from one loving spirit or soul and its collection of their individual parts in the edited love story and also interact with other loving spirits and souls.... This is where myths of heaven are created and are what I call higher dimensions of love... When we die, we can interact with those other love stories to the limits of our understanding of love.

Some see we are 'one' in NDE's and not separate from 'the light' while even in the dimension of time. That was not my understanding. I understood that the light will not see our less than loving aspects we were in time from timelessness... Our less than loving actions are edited out of the love story that is the light... But, for me saying all is God or one is an over-simplification of it all and not the whole truth... Because it ignores the intelligence of the light that to me is the moving spirit of love that is 'the light.' 'The light' is the sum of all love that appears to be moving but it of it its own free will created places it could not see so 'the light' could create the illusion of motion and each part of the light or lesser god that chooses to shine their light on the hidden places create a story and only parts of those individual stories are love stories... that could be called 'the light.' The spaces in between are there just like spaces are in between the frames of celluloid on a moving picture but they are forgotten when the lights are turned on the other side except in the frame of reference of love.

Living your life as if it is a love story is for me a better way to approach my post-nde outlook. I try to demonstrate that love with my intentions and actions more than I did before my NDE. I attempt to frame my life around the guiding principles of loving kindness, generosity, and admiration of nature because I knew these were elements of my life that were left in the edited version of my life in my life-review. I am not sure if what I said is understandable. I hope it relays my loving intentions even if it is not exactly 'the truth.' I just do the best I can to describe what I experienced from different angles and hope some of it can help me understand what awaits us on the other side. If it is not your understanding, I am okay with that. There are an unlimited ways of understanding how it all is.... less one. One is not better than another but we should all at least try to make our lives a love story that we would feel honored to offer the light at the end of life... and forgive ourselves in those moments when we didn't shine....

'In other words did you experience god as all that is or was god separate from everything.' IC

I hope you can see from my example above that it is both and even simultaneous.

Have you listened to the Mellon Thomas NDE at all.. Were there similarities in your experience and his? Were there differences? No. I only read other people's NDE's if they have a personal one to share so as not to confuse my own NDE too much.

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