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Coming back from Cancer

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Published: 13 years ago

Coming back from Cancer


I spent almost 12 hours yesterday working through the Truth In Medicine forum. Youíve done a great job of explaining your thoughts, and I appreciate your dedication to helping others. Iíve got a lot of questions. But first, let me give you a little background.

In January of 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a history of breast fibroids, so did not panic when a lump appeared, and was honestly floored with the malignant cancer diagnosis. Doctors pushed for me to get it treated immediately, but I wanted an opportunity to try to kill the tumor holistically. I immediately called a friend who is an expert on minerals, and we made a plan of action.

For two months, I threw everything we could come up with at this tumor. I started out with a colon, liver, gall bladder cleanse. Then I took strong doses of angstrom minerals, especially potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, molybdenum, indium, platinum, selenium, vanadium, chromium, and germanium. In addition, I took vitamins A, B complex, B3, B6, B12, C, D, and E. I added CoQ10, serrpeptase, bromelain, protease, spirulina, and fermented soy enzymes. I did the Budwig Diet, I did the baking soda and maple syrup treatment. I took arganine, melatonin, bee pollen, alfalfa, aloe vera, and pycogenol, as well as fluorescence, milk thistle, red clover, dandelion, and ginger teas. I also took Godís Herbs Lymph Nodes II and Lymph Nodes III. I took hot baths in baking soda, Epsom salt, and hydrogen peroxide. I used progesterone cream. I drank water that was ozonated by a small home-model ozonator, and took baths in the same. I used a relativeís rife-type machine. I made daily smoothies with whey protein and glutathione. Iíve eaten EV coconut oil. And I'm probably forgetting a few things. My whole life revolved around trying to get all of these pills and concoctions in me, and still eat some real food.

Even though I could still feel the lump, I ďknewĒ it was dead. It had to be. It couldnít have survived all of that. But it wasnít dead. In fact, during those two months, it started spreading through my lymph nodes. By the time it was removed, it had gone through 7 of my lymph nodes. I was so incredibly dejected over all of this that I just let the doctors talk me into aggressive chemotherapy. The chemotherapy nearly killed me.

I finally quit chemo, after 6 rounds, and have refused radiation. But since all of my attempts never even slowed this cancer down, I feel like there is a huge question mark over my head, and itís only a matter of time before this stuff comes back. But in the meanwhile, I've let the chemo weaken my immune system.

I still take angstrom minerals, and through research, have added boron and iodine. I also take Iodoral. Iíve dramatically increased my vitamin D. My vitamin D level was 34 when I entered the hospital for surgery. Itís now 102. Iíve started taking Phosphatidylserine and GliSODin. Iím still drinking ozonated water.

Overall, I feel better than I have in years, but thereís always that nagging question of if/when will it come back. I guess a zest for life keeps me plucking forward, because even though Iíve done all of this without success, Iím still trying to find answers. Except for my white blood cells, and mild anemia, my blood work ďlooksĒ good. Since white blood cells are the indicator of immunity, that concerns me greatly. I was hoping GliSODin would help boost that, but to so far it has not. I am reluctant to add iron, due to its association with cancer, but I do occasionally drink roobios tea. And I do have neuropathy in all four limbs. Itís been years since Iíve slept through the night. I have no problem going to sleep, but consistently wake up around 3:30AM.

I just bought some freeze-dried porcine thyroid, because my doctor says I am not clinically hypothyroid (yet my body temperatures and symptoms donít lie). You make a great point about feeding the thyroid more and more until it just shuts down. My basal temperature averages about 97.2 degrees, but fluctuates wildly during the day. Even with all the iodine, I would consider myself to have a fever at 98 degrees.

In reading through your suggestions regarding estrogen dominance and cancer, this is what Iíve gathered that you would suggest: TMG, silica, nettle leaf, alfalfa, bee pollen, seaweed, bitters, chapparal, and cultured foods.

Iím tired of taking so much ďstuffĒ and would like to pare some of this down, and get nutrition from foods as opposed to pills, liquids, and concoctions. What can you suggest?

I ordered some DE. I still ozonate my water, because our city water has high levels of chlorine and bromine. How would you increase the acidity of it? Add lemon before drinking, maybe? Considering the amount of scarring inside and on my body, as well as the lack of hair, should I add more than 1 spoonful of DE to my water?

Iím full of questions, but better let you catch your breath before I go on.

Thanks for your suggestions, and thanks again for being so willing to help others!

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