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Re: Candida/yeast can not live in alkaline...
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Candida/yeast can not live in alkaline...

>>"Are you from the Moreless forum?"<<

I have been found there... wouldn't say I was "from" there though... some people would I suspect as I have realized my most profound healing following the suggestions of ML... and I continue to research and study.

>>"Do you believe nitrogen plays a big part in promoting Candida overgrowth?"<<

Do a search and some research - be sure to include the hyphal form... it should be easy enough for you to see for yourself... be careful though in your research... you may find what may appear to be conflicting information due to the polymorphism of Candida.

This is one reason I believe morgellons is an advanced Candida overgrowth.

>>"If so, does this include nitrogen from meat protein?"<<

In essence it comes down to the quality of the protein... if the meat is of poor quality, then yes. Most all commercially available meats are very, VERY poor in protein quality, or ash content any more.

>>"If so, is this because ammonia is a by product of protein digestion?"<<

it does not have to be in the case of a high quality protein source, but unfortunately yes, with these poor quality protein source foods it is.

>>"Do you believe meat tends to be acidifying in the bowel?"<<

Again this depends a great deal on the quality of the "meat" protein... and also the conditions of the individual's bowel.

>>"If so, how do you reconcile ammonia, an alkaline substance with this acidifying nature of protein."<<

Black strap molasses seems to help a great deal in providing live carbons and alkaline mineral ash. This is what they have learned to use in livestock to mediate excess ammonia issues; AKA nitrogen toxicity... as I stated in a previous post.

>>"I have acidic urine. Do you believe this indicates an acidic bowel."<<

Not necessarily. Urine should be slightly acidic.

>>"I also eat a high protein diet. Do you think this is contributing to acidic urine/bowel?"<<

Again, this depends upon the quality of the protein and source...

If you utilize pH strips... use them after meals and such and gauge your pH after eating certain foods.

>>"I also have low body temperature. Do you think this is related to high ammonia in my bowel from the high protein diet?"<<

What other conditions do you have? skin conditions? brain fog? digestive issues? etc.

>>"Please explain. In order for the body to stay alive, or the Candida?"<<

Both - they serve each other... to a point. Some state that when we are born, the microflora serves to "build us", then as we age, it breaks us down... ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

>>"Why does nitrogen threaten Candida?"<<

Does it? ...depends upon nitrogen source, and other factors.



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