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Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108..(questions 10-18)
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108..(questions 10-18)

Re: 108 Questions for MH from Mr 108

Post #2 of 12. Questions 10-18

To review all earlier posts in this series of 108 questions just click on "All messages by prayervoice across all forums & blogs" which is to be found below this email. When you arrive at my earlier emails just scroll down to the bottom of them and click on the answers provided by MH.

10. Please tell me how tuning forks can work as a medical aid?
“ Music can be healing or tormenting to the human soul. We are vibrational creatures; “all” is in a state of vibration. Those into vibrational healing probably believe they can help “tune” the human body. No doubt it would sound/feel good at the time the human ear/skin feels the vibrations; but;;;;;;;;;;;;;; we are tormented 24/7 from conception to death with scientific frequencies known as radio waves, radar, microwave and a host of others that penetrate our body / brain non stop. I can not imagine that tuning forks can help anyone once the noise from the forks has stopped, because the forks can only over power the frequencies as long as the forks are vibrating; so their effects I believe can be no better than the length of the treatment. I don’t think they do any harm and I believe if they are doing any good, it may be the “will” of the human soul conducting the tuning fork treatment that is actually helping with the sickness. The human that is willing that another human become well would be far more powerful than the effects of the forks which are man made and stops as soon as they don’t vibrate anymore; while the person doing the treatment can wish the sick person well for years to come…..Desiring another human well is very powerful. In the same, evil people, such as witches, etc…that set around chanting to make others sickly are spiritually attacking those that are weaker, such as children , the elderly and sickly. Listening to music that makes you feel better surrounds your body. Those that practice chanting are using vibrations plus their strong will and desire for better.”

11. One can now buy light bulbs coated with Titanium Dioxide. They claim it cleans the stink from your room because it creates a form of "O3" which of course is Ozone. How sick is this MH?
“Those that did read what I call BOOK II years ago got an example of how this world uses Titanium Dioxides since 1992 to slow down the HIV deaths world wide; but in the same manner, created the new plague of thyroid disease. The suggested results are estimated that all children born after 1992 will not live to see their 40th birthday. Our air is loaded with titanium dioxides, the same evil people put it in our snack foods, our soaps, our lotions, etc..and anyone with mercury in their body are suggested to have a chemical reaction that harms their thyroid. This poisoning took human extermination to new level. First it was aluminum in our air, water and foods that created the HIV disaster world wide and then Titanium Dioxide was used to slow it down and as a result created a deadlier monster. This monster insured slow death; making lots of $$$$$ for medical and fulfilling government desire for depopulation”.

12. POTASSIUM IS KEY to salt balance. What signs are prominent when a person is out of balance and one of the causes is a lack of potassium?
“ The scientist like Hulda Clark wanted all humans to swallow chemical potassium to counter salt in the blood stream; which is like adding gas to a fire. Pretty much all humans are maxed with salt and have little potassium. When I tried the data labs hair sample testing 12+ years ago, I was maxed with salt and had no potassium and had 120x more lead than the average man in 50+ countries. I did many of these test as I experimented with fasting and herbs and in no time was normal with salt and extra potassium. Those with the salt issues create cancers; so we see scientific made foods loaded to the max with salt. People today are salt aholics. Dr. John R. Christopher was anti-salt. A good heart attack doctor will forbid his patients all salt.” Dr. Christopher told a group of doctors that he could cure any cancer with potassium. The De-Wormer is a potassium formula more than anything else”. The Natural Tree Iodine is a strong potassium formula. Mixed with wild crafted Elderberry bush would make it the world’s superior potassium formula and my theory would be to blend in a little mulberry just for good measure; because I believe that bush/tree maybe the best kept secret in nature”.

13. You once made a very profound statement that I immediately took to heart. You said "My only game is called Survival....we adapt or we die...and I am one that likes living." Why do you think it is that so few end up adapting, even when they are introduced to a life saving, life extending, solution to their physical problems?
“Medical authors have suggested all humans desire to die, they feel like they are doing prison time on earth and who knows? Medical has supplied assisted / acceptable suicide for all humans that desire it. That and we are living in end times, when all humans will be of evil. William Branham said that we have 2 types of humans; 1 related to Eve’s first son of the devil and the other related to the second son, related to Adam. This is a parable of the 2 types of good or evil humans. In the end times, the theory is that it will end up with only 1 family of good people on the entire earth….some would say those times are approaching fast. Today evil controls all government, every corporation, all banking and the creation of colleges and the mason money system has fueled the fire for those that are evil seeking to spread greed and destruction of the human race as they seek to destroy this earth. If your wanting to live, to be a witness of the chaos, then you are bucking the system of evil”.

14. You say that the tooth and gum formula is a very powerful herbal mineral formula with the ability to tighten human tissues.
“The oak bark tightens human tissues”
Can it be used on other parts of the body?
“Sure, such as varicose veins, loose skin, wounds etc.”
And you also say that the tooth and gum powder is an ancient method for us,
“Ancient? As far as I know Dr. Christopher created the formula or one of his teachers, etc…making it more Traditional, not ancient”.
the sprays make it about 100x easier/better. Are you serious when you say it is 100 times better?
“Easily, we have not used tooth & gum powder or tincture since the first day I made the Spray. We go forward when able and keep in that direction always. That is why each year or so we phase out the old as we make the new.”

15. Soybean lecithin is used commonly in baked goods, candies, etc....because it is like a seduction agent. The body knows it is good for it and thus without even thinking about it, you are drawn to buy more because the amount in the junk food that you are buying is so little that you would have to eat a dozen servings to get the amount that the body can actually use. I phoned over a dozen bakery type stores and asked if they used lecithin in any of their products. Two places said yes and ten said they would have to check. In the end all 12 did indeed use lecithin. So I asked each one what lecithin was used for. Nine places said they did not know, but they used it because that is what the recipe called for. The other 3 places said it was listed in the recipe as an emulsifying agent, but none of them knew what a so called emulsifying was supposed to do. What kind of a world do we live in MH? It seems like the majority of people are more like "sheeple" and don't even know that they don't really know their A$$ from hole in the ground.
“A local lady says she sells “Organic” soaps. I checked her out, all her soaps have Titanium Dioxides in them. I asked her why she put it in and does she know what it does? She had no clue, she is college educated and uses a soap base from a commercial source she was trained in college to put in all soaps…in fact, she was a brain dead college grad, just another perfect brain dead student in America. The blind leading the blind right over the cliff into the ocean. You want to buy a product from an internet web store? Do you think the person on the other end of that computer or phone even has a clue what they are selling or how it was really made? The more they were college educated the odds are the more toxic their product; because of this, humans today are seeking “HOME MADE” old fashioned products and the Amish people make a pretty good living anymore from selling their crude products. Crude being less manufactured, more natural!”

16. Chunky Monkey ice cream is the favorite (smile) "sin food" of a friend of yours. Do you also have a little something that calls your name from time to time MH?
“Da, remember I milked cows as a teen. I go up before school and milked 100 cows by myself for $5. That $5 filled my 1969 428 Super Cobra Jet Fairlane with a full tank of gas! I drank milk until I married Brenda. She was raised by her medical dad to know milk was the food of death to humans. She broke me of milk, but for years I would still enjoy ice cream. After watching the milk video, I stopped maybe 90% of my ice cream desires and seldom have it anymore. Keep in mind, when I was a kid, we went to the city once a year and when McDonalds appeared and had those 15 cent hamburgers, we felt rich when we could eat them once a year! Otherwise there were creameries locally through out the country sides that processed the farmers milk and they all sold ice cream. When dad was rich enough to buy us a ice cream cone in the hot of summer, the act of eating ice cream is probably the greatest memory most of us older people have in life. I remember when Dad wanted to treat us, sometimes on his payday he would bring home a baberuth candy bar that was a foot long that cost 10 cents and mom would cut that thing up and give the entire family a piece as a treat! Those were the days we lived off the garden and commercial foods was a very rare treat. Today pineapple juice or orange juice taste better than the best ice cream; I am slowly adapting towards the light of life as I shed off the past sins”.

17. How is it possible that anyone could ever, ever, believe there is any truth in pow-wow-ing? What kind of a person in this day and age would actually "roast some chicken-feet and rub their warts with them; then bury them under the eaves?" And yet I know people who swear by such things.
“This is common with the older order religions such as Amish / Minninights and probably the Indians. It works like this: You do something bazzar / stupid associated with your health problem. This makes your MIND not stop thinking about your problem and your MIND healed you. It is that simple. The Power of the MIND will make it so you live or how you die. You are what you think you should be. This is why false education comes from the devil”.

18. I have a friend who is doing the Richard Schulze version of the "Incurables" program with her 76 year old father who has a huge cancer that has grown from the top of his hand and then wrapped itself around to the palm of the hand. The procedure is apparently helping to reverse the cancer, to the point where he can now move his fingers again. What might be added to that kind of routine (from your perspective) to assist this gentleman who has also given up all meat, dairy and processed food?
“ I think our products are by far superior in that they are home made with the very finest plant minerals and so bazaar as far as herbs go that even Richard Schulze would have to smile if his lips ever tasted them. I think ours would make it “easier” to do and our Sprays takes the healing into a whole new light. When you spray a human in pain and they experience relief or things they can explain in just 2 minutes or less, it is like POW WOW to them, in that their brain has experienced something new and that alone is healing them. Otherwise the sprays are supplying herbs in a way few have ever done and no book exist on the formulas or methods of making that I am aware of.”

To close out this session MH, I want you to know that contrary to what you think, there are a few of us who know that God has given you your gift of knowledge as a seed to plant today for mankind's use, well into the future. It only takes a few of us "seeds" to recognize your light to ensure that your efforts will be shared by millions in the future. You see MH, you can't shut us up. We know what you are on this earth to do. A few of us get it. We see it. I see it. Please know that one day, that which you are doing today for the future well being of mankind, will be as obvious to everyone as the noon day sun. You just can not shut me up. Just yesterday I spent 4 hours MH'ing with a new friend (Ken Stuart) who is the husband of the lady referenced above whose father has the cancer on the hand. Among other things he is doing the sitz bath (MH style)and is eager to hear what I pass on to him from your forum.

Create a nice day MH and my compliments to Brenda and Jody.
“One thing I know is that shyness or the ability to never open your mouth in public is a signal of a type of disorder / disease. Once living or feeling good, the once shy person can’t shut up because they know how it was when they never said anything and how good it feels to be alive now.”
Many Blessings
The “Barefoot” Herbalist, M.H. 108

Do you feel like your milking the cow?


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