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Re: NDE Meets Just War Theory
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: NDE Meets Just War Theory

I met God and it isn't true. That is the short answer.

I remember meeting these guys who were holding up signs on the side of the road opposed to the current wars... I pulled over and went and spoke to them and asked them what I should do... What one said while the other nodded his head was; " be peaceful." Point taken,,, As a child, I never heard even one person who I knew personally or even a stranger for that matter who was opposed to the war in vietnam... I am sure they were out there,,, But while the 60's were going on, I sang patriotic songs in school and my pastor told me the vietnamese were evil communists and atheists and my pastor read scriptures about David and Goliath and compared the vietnamese to the philistines that God hated. My only outside view came from news on television of protesters who were only on television; mixed in were negative images of hippies on drugs; otherwise I did not hear of anyone else who would possibly be against the war... but afterwards... decades later, I hear countless people who say they were not for the war in vietnam... Where were those people when I was forming my rabid nationalist,, xenophobic and racist worldview?

If I had not died in my NDE and went to meet my maker, I would certainly have committed atrocities in my chosen vocation... but I believe... because I prayed frequently and held such outrageous and hateful views of people not of my faith... that when I died... I got to see my own religion from the perspective of God through the lens of love... My NDE certainly made me aware of how much God loved me but it is truly astounding how much a loving God loved the people I figured were God's bitter enemies... I mean I felt small, when I cam back, compared to most of those souls who I met in heaven who did not have my same faith... They were radiant and wonderful... and God or whatever that light was didn't give a fig about that name God but cherished every moment of loving kindness in the same people I thought were doomed to the most gruesome torture possible... just because they listened to musical instruments in church or prayed to images of mary...or called God Allah, or didn't believe in God at all... God or whatever the sum of all love whom I call Y-h -pronounced Yaw(because it means God who is like calling your father Pop).... loved me like a favored son but that same ray of love went in every direction to every other soul I came across there... The love for those who were not like me was just complete and utter enduring love... and could not be taken from those other souls by anything for any reason... even by those who held completely different views down there in time. than I did...

I consider myself as one who understands that my position is a tiny verbal minority position... but I believe there may be many who hold my position but believe pacifist means shutting one's trap and allowing themselves and those around them to be bowled over... In the huge scope of human events, I would certainly like to live in personal safety but if I do not act on my deeply held convictions then I can't live by the the water as I may be swallowed up by by a big fish and be spit out and pushed into making a stand when those I love join the war machine or I can do what my conscious tells me, on my own, and tell all who will listen that there is at least one person who has met God personally and from that meeting with God could only conclude that God does not want God's children killing one another... It seems like common sense but perhaps
it is time for peaceful folks to risk a little personal discomfort and speak their 'truth' to power?

I may get cut down if I act without respect for the dignity of others while trying to reveal what I learned on my journey to the light and my meeting with God but knowing without a doubt that I am loved by the light that awaits me when I die, how can I hold my tongue while young men and women are joining a cause they believe 'God' or 'Allah' wants them to join for no other reason than they never heard different? God is love or God wants us to join armies and kill one another. It may be a value judgment but from my personal NDE and meeting with God... God might love me if I shut up and don't say a word but what if just a word or two could change a heart.. if spoken or written somewhere out there in the electronic matrix? I guess that is why I keep getting the welling up in my spirit to keep saying words that pour into my spirit.. at least that is my perception from what I have learned from going to the light and applying what I learned there to my life here... Those that are for the endless wars are more than outspoken and get billionaires to support their beliefs from pulpits, press and political soap boxes... I just pontificate on free websites and emails to friends...and I tell anyone who appears interested in person... It may not be much but at least no one in my entire family and extended family that I have ever had a chance to speak to has joined the war machine... Charity begins at home...jejejeje...

May peace that surpasses understanding bless you and yours forever...


A very great vision is needed,and the
man who has it must follow it...
as the eagle seeks the deepest blue
of the sky. - Chief Crazy Horse

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