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Re: New, need advice!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: New, need advice!

Yes p & b stands for psyllium & Bentonite clay. I personally order mine cheap and organic (at least the p part) from Vitacost. The Yerba Prima Bentonite they have there is the same one recommended to me at a health food store.

Honestly, if you don't mind spending about $100 bucks, I think the most gentle and organic p & b style cleanse would be Blessed Herbs. I did it once, but due to the cost won't do it again. It works and is very effective and seems to be the least likely to have harsh toxins & chemicals.

I see why you had a problem finding that zapper. I couldn't find it either. Apparently they are selling the zapper separately from the electrodues now, which is a bit more expensive, but you get more electrodues. You can use the electrodes over. At least I do.

I tape the alligator clips securely to them, as mentioned before (don't let the alligator clip contact you skin for long at all or you will get a nasty little burn) making sure all is held securely in place as those wires will rip out easily from the clips & it's hard to repair them. You can then tape the electrodes wherever you want on your body.

You can actually run the long wires down your legs and wear them under slacks. The trick for me is to wrap the flesh colored Nexcare tape in a circle, with the wire underneath the tape, at the ankle, calf, thigh, to hold the wires in place. Experiment with whatevder you want though. Hulda Clark & others do recommend a zapper sometimes to be near all those accupressure points on the feet, if possible. I am tall, so can only get the electrodes on the inside of my ankles.

Here is the world's smallest zapper. Just attach the alligator clips to the little metal knobs on the electrodes, again, taping them securely in place, including some wire, to stablize it, along with the clips.

That is for the 30hz, but they also have a 15hz one. If I had seen the electrode attachment - which are apparently new anyway - I would not have had to buy the far more expensive (though maybe far more durable) 15 hz Silverado.

If you don't mind spending an extra $10 or so dollars, I would personally recommend that you also get the hand held copper thingies that attach to the alligator clips - you'll see them offered with the zappers - & use them first.

To me wearing an electrodes is an all day kind of thing, or at least for some hours. It is kind of a hassle to put it all on. But the hand holds are quick & you can put them other places, like also in your bra, at your waist line, socks etc.

The thing is, again, you want to start slowly with zapping and this might be less prolematic with the hand holds, time and hassle wise. You can use the same zappers on copper hand holds as on the electrodes. You can do the tingle test by touching your tongue to the two copper hand holds simultaneously daily. (See below.)

Glad you are on your way to better health!

Oh, do you know about the test for whether they are working or not? This becomes important with those fragile minis, I think. Even if the led light is on, that doesn't mean both clips are connected correctly to their wires. The test is to touch both clips to the tip of your tongue simultaneously after the battery is connected & the led light is on - gently! You will feel a tingle. If the tingle is not there, something is not connected right.

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