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Re: Will insurance pay for cavitation surgery?

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Will insurance pay for cavitation surgery?

I decided to have the cavitation surgery whether insurance pays for it or not.

The dentist I'm using is trained in cavitation surgery using the Huggins method as explained here -
using conscious sedation which allows healing to cross the mid-line of the body. So as the infection from the cavitation site is removed, the body it able to recognize it and start to heal immediately.

Find An Alliance Dentist
"Nearly 40 years ago, Dr. Huggins found that removing Amalgams and/or root canal teeth without following the proper Protocol could cause the onset of autoimmune diseases that were not there previously. During these years he developed the Protocol that potentially gives far more benefit than risk.

For years, Dr. Huggins referred to dentists who had attended some of his seminars. But as time went on, many people called him back to complain that they were worse off than prior to having their Amalgams removed. Investigation determined that many of these dentists were leaving out the majority of the Protocol recommended by Dr. Huggins and many were placing root canals. root canals are worse at creating degenerative and autoimmune diseases than mercury from amalgam. Dr. Huggins felt that he was directing people from the frying pan into the inferno of autoimmune disease so he stopped referring.

To meet the public's increasing demands for "safe" dentistry, Dr. Huggins started a Multi-Discipline Alliance of professionals and therapists who will "first do no harm". There are also three programs available to you; the Huggins Recovery Program, the Abbreviated Program and the Full Program.

Dr. Huggins and his team train the individual doctors to practice the Huggins Protocol safely. Alliance members offer the computer-generated Huggins Recovery Program of blood interpretations, biocompatible dental materials, sequential removal of offending materials, a clean air environment as provided by negative ion generators that remove mercury from the surrounding air, instructional videos and informed consent. In addition, the Abbreviated Program also offers acupressure, massage, in-house blood interpretations for nutritional guidelines, a day of classes, and conscious sedation.

The Full Program offers in addition to the total dental revision, the multi-disciplined health experience including over 18 hours of nutritional counseling based on evaluations of your blood chemistry test, hair analysis and lifestyle questionnaire; development of a personal treatment plan; generation of an individualized detoxification program; full access to the Nutritional Education and Video Library; therapeutic massages, acupressure treatments (providing total electrical realignment of the body); blood tests; IV Vitamin C treatments (to facilitate healing and for protection during dental procedures); an initial supply of supplements; and the design of an individualized follow-up program. This program involves the direct participation of trained professionals for those with serious health issues and autoimmune diseases; such as: MS, ALS, Parkinson's, Leukemia, Lupus, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc.

Please note that all Alliance members have separate practices from Dr. Huggins' office. Dr. Huggins does not teach or oversee general dental techniques of any private practice. All concerns or questions originating from dental treatment should be directed to the individual dentist's office that did the treatment. Dr. Huggins' has no jurisdiction in these circumstances.

If you are looking for an Alliance Dentist that has been trained to follow Dr. Huggins' Protocol, please call 1-866-948-4638 or fill out this online form and one of our staff will help you out."

"Cavitations are the new kid on the block. Although described by the Father of Modern Dentistry, Dr. G.V. Black in the early 1900's, and published in many dental articles (mostly outside the US), they are unknown to many dentists. Even the ADA claims they do not exist. When a tooth is removed, the periodontal ligament that attaches the tooth to bone (similar to the afterbirth around a fetus) is left in according to instructions from dental schools. The ligament often prevents bone healing of the socket area. Today, this hole is termed a "cavitation". This is almost always true (over 99% of the time) in wisdom tooth areas. These holes left unhealed are generally lined with necrotic (dead) bone and many of the same anaerobic bacteria that are found in dead or root canal teeth. The ones that are often related to autoimmune diseases. Porphyrins (the energy producing molecule in the blood stream) are particularly attacked by products within the cavitation, therefore offering less oxygen transport and energy molecules for healing and daily operation of the body."


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