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I am missing something?
rudenski Views: 3,609
Published: 9 years ago

I am missing something?

I am missing something. I can't seem to find the right balance between body, mind & soul. I had an extraordinary Near Dath Experience decades ago and it woke me up to the importance of feeding one's soul but I live in a body that demands that I do its will or it will just start dying on me.

The designer of our souls is Love but a lesser aspect of love designed us with desires attached to opposed thumbs, canines, grinding teeth, hunger and thirst. If we only feed our bodies then how can the designer of our soul judge us for being exactly what we were designed to do? Love does not judge us for our physical desires. Soul people often find themselves living on the edge for ignoring their physical needs. I am striving to balance my life between my body and soul. My lesser desires often trap me with consequences for my actions and the moments when my soul shines seem too diluted by the world around me to sustain me. Love forgets my obnoxious desires and does not judge me for those desires as aspects of those desires in me were created in all living things... Hunger and thirst for the things of this world bring me back to this world.

When a pit bull's balls drop, he can become a nuisance animal who may be put to death or he may become a guard dog who protects his master's home from thieves. The pit bull can not be blamed for being a pit bull though... Breeding his kind was not his doing but what he does beyond his breeding will be what he is judged for. Humans are loathsome breed of animals capable of mountains of misery with their opposed thumbs, powerful hunger and thirst but humans who will use their hands attached to their hearts may rise above their breeding. The lesser aspect of our creator will judge us for what we did with our breeding but those lesser aspects of us are judged only in the dimension of time.

I had just hoped that I could have done a better job at balancing the whole body, mind, and soul thing. I know it is supposed to be impossible to have two masters and please them both but this is my journey. I hope to tread more lightly on the world but also ind a means to sustain healthy desires. Where is that happy medium? I seem to be pendulum swinging too far one way and then being pulled back the other way...

I long to find a higher frequency that I have seen in visions of what is to come; there will soon be those people who tread more lightly on the earth.. They have a glow around them. Their primary energy is joy. Those surrounding them will not even be concerned about them. They are in a whole different system while living in the same space as those who walk on the same ground. I do not fully understand who these extraordinary beings are but they are families even... Husbands, wives, brothers and sisters... who go about their day much like we who struggle but for them their struggles are mild.

Looking around, I can not see them, so I am not sure if they are for this age or the next... but I can't help but remember in my visions the peaceful contentment on their faces... They somehow live in this world but require less struggle to sustain their lives... These are my morning thoughts.

Is there someone out there who has a better understanding of who or what those light versions of people are? Is there a way to achieve that lightness of being? I sense it is possible to achieve without dying. Does anyone have any thoughts about thos or do I just sound crazy?


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