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Re: MH, What the hell are we suppose to eat??
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: MH, What the hell are we suppose to eat??

MH, please share your healthy human discoveries. Don't let the non-believers shut you up.

It's because we all live in a very screwed up world that we don't know who to trust or what to believe. Charlitans abound! One group says eat this, another says eat that. Take these supplements, don't take that. My head is spinning, all the while our bodies continue to degrade.

Even with all our Science and high-tech advances, Don't you think it must have been much easier and less stressful living hundreds of years ago? No worries on what to wear or not wear, no traffic lights or smog, no bill collectors and telemarketers, no pressure from the boss at work, no standing in lines at the grocery store, no worry of a finding a spouse? What? Not! No, I'm glad I'm here now. I feel very lucky and you should too. Even if I haven't found my soul-mate yet. :)

Well, the life-expectancy is much longer today and with advances in Stem Cell research on the horizon, it all looks very promising. Then there's always cryogenics, ha. I'm Very Happy to be alive. Although, I want to enjoy my life now, and in order to do that, I need to be healthy and pain free. I hate being sick. So, thank you MH(whoever you are) for helping us try and understand what the hell is going on.

What should the human eat to live a healthy pain free life? From early childhood we are inundated with clever marketing and advertisings from the Junk Food peddlers which mold our very lives. We were taught at an early age to love McDonald's and Burger King. Jingles like "I'm Loving It!" We believe inherently that they would never sell us something bad, something harmful, would they? And, we want to believe that our gov't wouldn't let them sell us a product which clogs our arteries, gives us diabetes and heart disease sending us to and early painful exit, right? Wrong! Simply look around you. Right Now 1 in every 2 Americans will get cancer. Why? Isn't there a better way? Shouldn't alarm bells be blaring? Wake up! Answer the alarm. The more people get informed, the sooner we will get healthy. I feel a ground swell of baby-boomers who don't want to exit like our parents are. They/We are getting wise to the FDA and the big bad Pharmasueticals.

I say thank God for curezone and people like MH and Dr. Hulda Clark and whomever else will shout from the mountain top, "They are killing us and there is another way!" Thank god for the internet. Information is now more available and free, giving us choices. I bet the FDA hates it.

And, so I contiue to search for answers to being healthy. Yes, I wish MH would do the the right thing and share with us what he has discovered. Why keep it a secret? Why let the sick suffer in pain because you think it more noble or enlightening that we discover the 'truth' for ourselves reading mountains of books? Me, I believe it more noble to help your fellow man now if you can. If we see a person
drowning, do we not jump in and try and save them right now? Not later, it's too late then.

I hope and wish people would continue to share their secrets on curezone. Anne Wigmore believed in sharing. She helped thousands.
God bless the giver.

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