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Re: MH, What the hell are we suppose to eat??
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: MH, What the hell are we suppose to eat??


I hate to say this because I will probably get a HUGE backlash of mail, but you just PROVED a very good point few have the slightest idea about, what is human food?

I hate to say this, but do you know who always had the most parasites? The vegans! I seen some long time vegans that I told my wife, "I think that person is mostly worms", it just seemed like there was not enough places for them to have lived in the poor skinny persons. (I am sure many are ready to bite my head off about now!)

It is not hard to believe that great fresh raw foods right out of the garden, have plenty of fresh worms and eggs of plenty, especially thoswe that make the fately mistake of putting animal waste products to enrich the soil, you know that chicken stuff and cow and horse and God forbid the hog farmers garden.

The vegan would have done well to take de-wormer, oregano oil, and olive leaf as part of a plan to stay wormfree and these things would not have happened. You see, that is why I have zero doubt that education is the only real cure needed, once health as humans is understood, we need zero supplements, zero drugs, experience vibrant lives, etc. You get the point.

Now I am going out on a limb. How many vegetables are naturally found in the wild woods??????? Think about it, I lived on a farm all my life and I do not believe we ever raised a real natural vegetable so to speak, they were just about all man manipulated.

My books say vegetables are non-human foods! WHY???? They grow too fast, suck in huge in-organic minerals, and the worse is yet to come, these inorganic minerals are just organic enough to FAKE your body out and they enter your system and gues what the pathologist said 60 years ago???? They could tell how many vegetables you ate by the content of your clogged veins that prematurely put you on their table!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The old MDs knew this, they didn't use vegetable juices and if they did, it was for the feeble and used in small amounts to add to the flesh.

NOW don't freak out and stop eating RAW vegetables, just eat one type for a meal and make sure the stomach is not corrupted with ulcers, etc. and you will be fine and do fine. If you cook the thing, you migth as well eat as you want, it is dead inorganic matter and all your getting is the mineral content and where it lands, it lands. You can always eat real human foods and allow them to remove the inorganic matters from the veins.

Please read books on raw foods and soon you will see my point.

On the other hand, if you only want to live to be a hundred or so and eat what you want, you should be able to. Study breathing for longevity and search for the author that was 110 years old when he wrote his book on breathing and at age 76 he was a near dead man and remembered what a man from India taugth him about breathing and he did a 5 minute excercise in bed before rising and he ate what he wanted and at age 110, he had his hair and good eyes to prove breathing is number 1, now if you want to really live, eat human foods and eat right, WOW, you may really turn the clock backwards.

have to go

Please read if you want to learn more on the subject of foods, I don't want to write books, I only use 2 fingers and this gets tiresome, I won't give the answers, I want people to READ BOOKS, they are out there!

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