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Ugghh:( Need help for a painful issue..Re: rrr
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Published: 9 years ago
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Ugghh:( Need help for a painful issue..Re: rrr

Hi Uny and All,

Okay, I was really really pumped to start off the New Year right, quitting coffee for good and really getting into juicing and raw foods. Really my body was doing it for me, and my symptoms of IBS, candida and fibro were just out of hand. The holidays were stressful, only because I was in poor shape, and because I was straying from the raw diet- even a slight variance really affected me digestively and otherwise!

So, candida and/or parasites (because I'm not sure which is a bigger issue at the moment!)have been really prevalent for me for years. I always got reoccuring yeast infections, or what seem to be infections over and over again, despite diet change and treatment.

So I started with raw foods solely on the 1st, adding milk thistle to my smoothies or juice, 2tbsp a day. Having a quart of seed milk once a day. Taking brain tonic a couple times a day for caffeine withdrawal. Taking some adrenal and st-john's wort when needed. Doing the IF#2 4-5 times a day, and maybe 1 of IF#1 at night. Taking echinacea, but not Uny's- maybe 10 or more dropperfuls a day, and starting ramming up on cayenne, ginger and garlic- maybe 5-6 cloves a day. I also started doing garlic inserts in the vagina every night, and enemas every couple days- so far 3, one of them was an attempt at a garlic enema a few days ago- which I did in short spurts, as I could not hold more than 1/2 cup of solution for more than a few min at a time!-and douches almost every day- mostly acv w/echinacea or just plain vinegar and water.

What has always been an irritation even when not a full blown infection- has become over the last 4 days, a monster infection! Like I'm swollen 3 times the normal size 'down there'- sorry to sound gross!- and am having discharge, burning and pain 24/7. Nothing is relieving it, and I almost think the garlic is making it burn more.

I have had a lot of emotional upset as a constant really, and my sleeping has been out of whack- so I know this is not helping:S But what could be going on here? Am I getting worse, or could this be die-off? The other thing that has occured- but this started the last couple weeks, is my face just breaking out entirely. Like small zits everywhere except the nose. I attributed this at first to using almond oil as a moisturizer- which blocked my pores!- but considering that my diet wasn't great, and my lifestyle wasn't either- I thought it's just detox. It seems to be not improving either.

How can I treat this infection now? Does it seem like candida or parasites? After the enemas, I often notice like white-stringy floaty things that I can't seem to pick up out of the toilet to inspect, but I assume this is candida.

I hesitate to put anything topically on the area, but could aloe vera help? Should I be taking more garlic? Perhaps getting more echinacea- though instinctively, I don't think it's helping right now. Also should I avoid fruit? I do not know if it makes it worse, since the symptoms are all the time, but I definitely crave Sugar a lot, and a lot at night.

Thanks so much,


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