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Re: Fungal skin infections and candida?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Fungal skin infections and candida?

will send in a short response..
9/10 asleep..this could get..odd..


skin on arms pretty much destroyed starting
about 4 months ago..
no..starting aug 15 09..when I started taking herbal
antifungals [black walnut, garlic, oregano oil..nothing
exotic]. The idea of taking the antifungals is that
I have been getting nowhere with doctors ..attempting
to discover the source of a grab bag of seemingly unrelated
ailments..mostly extreme fatigue and transient pains..
all over the body.
Then the anything with carbohydrates..and I bloat
up like the HINDENBURG. Too much gas...venting for hours
on a bowl or two of rice. Too much fermentation.
What does fermentation?..Yeast. [well..cancers too, they
survive on fermentation..but lets chase the yeast first..

within two weeks..MANY HUNDREDS of blisters on skin of
arms..legs..but mostly on arms..
ground zero near the inside of elbow.
At FIRST thought it might be allergic reaction.. the tiny blisters would host fungus threads
in a short time. Tiny blisters grow to pools of melted
skin..caused by ..the fungus.

NOTHING has worked as a topical. Three different azoles..
[micronazole powder..clotrimazole cream..ketoconazole shampoo..pffft. Tea tree increases damage
to skin..does not seem to stop the skin fungi.
About the only thing that has yielded SOME results is scraping the skin blisters with a knife/razor..then covering the skin with water soluable iodine. Very slow going..takes several to many attempts..but recently..even
the skin that I have cleared is falling back into the enemy camp. Five day tour of 200 mg ketoconazole pills
yielded no change in status. About two hours dinking with
skin and microscopes and loupes today..coating skin with
coconut oil..trying to assist healing..and muck with the
fungi. [coconut oil's caprylic acid and lauric acid supposed to be quite aggressive on candida...supposed to be..but have not noted any significant change on skin.]

...I did fix the gas problem ...been taking CAPROYL for
two months..coconut oil/safflower oil blend that is mixed
with Bentonite clay and psyllium powder. Seems to have
backed off the candia ..a bit. I can eat anything now.
I CAN..not that I DO. No Sugar for a year..using Xylitol.
Many other diet adjustments...
Four still wrecked on arms. Still launching
tiny fungals. Unable to stop the hair fungus after two months of DAILY Nizoral [ketoconozole] shampoo.

This is getting old. Just tonight depressed at a new
wrinkle..the skin on arms is generating SHARP pains..
quick..almost like now..

[oh..i know the answer to that..getting MORGELLONS symptoms
in addition to the candida fungus. More that one species
of critter involved. Hundreds of microscope pictures over
the last four months. All manner of tiny fungal threads..
blue/black/white/green/red. Even the head fungus is multi



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