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Re: Hepatitis C

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Hepatitis C

First thing to explain is that there are NO standard tests that can prove the presence of the hepatitis C virus.  The antibody tests are notoriously inaccurate.  The primary problem with these tests is called serological cross reactivity.  In short this means that antibodies of like structure or low affinity will cross react on antigen test targets yielding false positives.  This also means that a person can test antibody positive to a virus they have never been exposed to before since antibodies from other sources can cross react giving a positive result on that test.  The second problem is that even if the antibodies are specific to an antigen this does not mean the antigen is present.  For example lets say that I have the flu (influenza).  If I go to the doctor in a few months after I am over it and get tested for influenza antibodies I will test positive.  Does this mean I am infected with the influenza virus?  Of course not, it just means that my immune system was successful in fighting off the virus.

This frequently leads to a misdiagnosis of viral hepatitis, when it is often not.  Hepatitis merely means inflammation of the liver.  So hepatitis includes viral hepatitis from hepatits viruses (A, B, C, D, E, F, or G), herpes virus induced hepatitis, bacterial, fungal, parasitical, chemical (including from pharmaceutical drugs), autoimmune and traumatic hepatitis.

Then there is the polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) also known as viral load.  Some people mistakingly believe that PCR proves the presence of a particular virus and its activity level.  Actually it cannot do either.  The test really is nothing more than a sales tool.  Since the sample is amplified over and over to its level the sample can be amplified more to make an infection look worse to scare people in to drug therapy.  If they want to make the drug appear effective then they can amplify the sample less yielding a lower viral load and making the drug appear effective.

Another major problem with PCR is that since it only amplifies small segments of genetic material they cannot guarantee what they are looking at.  The reason is that other microbes can share the same segments of genetic material.  It is like how you share some of the same genetics as every single one of your family and even some people you are not related to.  One of the studies I had found a while back had stated that because of this problem that doctors could not agree on what viral genetic material they were looking at in something like 30% of the time.

This is also part of the reason that interferon treatments rarely work for hepatitis.  The body produces a series of interferons to deal with viral infection in different tissues.  These interferons work best for the tissues they were derived from.  If you want to treat a viral lung issue, such as lung cancer then you need lung interferon.  If you want to treat hepatitis from a hepatitis virus then you should use liver interferon.  As far as I know though liver interferon does not exist.  And even if it did it will not do much of anything for non-viral forms of hepatitis.

Therefore hepatitis needs to be addressed with as many possible causes as possible.  Various herbs such as chaparral, pau d' arco, andrographis, phyllanthus, picrorrhiza, turmeric, etc. will cover microbial and parastical causes as well as reduce the inflammation involved in all the forms of hepatitis.

As for the acid I mentioned in earlier posts that is betulinic acid derived from chaga (black conch) mushrooms.  Betulinic is a strong antiviral:

I have copies of some old postings from an AOL debate board I use to post on.  I will post copies of these in this thread since they contain references to what I have been explaining.

I also have some additional information I can send you if you want to PM me with an e-mail address so I can attach a file.


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