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There has always been the possibility that this is cancer / pre-cancerous for some people
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Published: 11 years ago
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There has always been the possibility that this is cancer / pre-cancerous for some people

You haven't scared me at all, since I'm already aware how excessive lip exfoliation could be a result of, or a FACTOR THAT CAN LEAD TO, cancer.

I have mentioned several times in the past few months on this forum that exfoliating/irritated lips could be a cancer symptom, or could be a pre-cancerous condition.

This is a logical conclusion to come to, since cheilitis is a dramatic mis-behavior of the skin cells on a part of the body.

I have already pressed people here to widen their outlook on their condition, and to realize that there are MANY (perhaps as many as 15 or 20) medical names that have been given for the symptoms of irritated and exfoliating lips and their various causes (if the causes are even known, which often they aren't). Medical authorities have many different names for this condition, and they do NOT seem to have a shared "standard" of naming for this, and there don't seem to be particular experts who have concentrated on cheilitis, as far as I can tell.

That is why I have been promoting on this forum the use of pure glycerin as a lip treatment/moisturizer, because glycerin has been found to change pre-cancerous cells back into normal cells.

Cancer as a cause for the lip exfoliation/irritation should certainly be investigated,
especially if a person's cheilitis is proven NOT to be caused by the other main causes of cheilitis:

Main causes of cheilitis:
-excessive and compulsive lip biting and licking
-poor dental hygiene
-an external substance causing an allergic reaction (like a food, a lotion, a toothpaste, a metal, etc.)
-cell misbehavior/cancer, especially due to past SUN DAMAGE on the lip

If your cause has been determined to be "unknown", it could be anything. That is not a diagnosis to be relaxed about.

However, if the doctor has done a biopsy and has not found cancer, then you can concentrate on other causes.

If you are like me and don't have health insurance and therefore you cannot, in all practicality, get a medical biopsy, do not panic, just find your way to getting health insurance coverage in the future, and then get a biopsy.

I think that a lot of sufferers who are found not to have fungus, not to have a virus, not to have a bacterial infection, not to have dental hygiene problems, not to be obsessive/compulsive about lip licking and biting, and not to have cancer are having an ALLERGIC reaction to something in their world, and standard allergy tests don't test for EVERYTHING under the sun, so even if you have come back as not allergic to the 200 or whatever most common allergens, that doesn't mean that it's not some weird allergy or substance that you are having a bad reaction to.

I would urge people to eliminate as many substances as they can from their exposure, even if it has NOTHING to do with their lips, to see if their lips get better.

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