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Image Embedded Blood Pressure extremes for each hour of each day for an entire year.
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Published: 15 years ago

Blood Pressure extremes for each hour of each day for an entire year.

Well...... I've been struggling with some nasty diseases, including Heart Failure and pre-Diabetes for over 20 years. About 10 years ago, I was getting a lot weaker and a lot worse. I started taking my blood pressure, at home, and found out, to my great surprise, that I had high blood pressure. I had no idea. I didn't know much about blood pressure, at that time, so I started to track my blood pressure to see if it remained high all day long, or just once in a while. After all, how does one deal with a problem, if one doesn't know the extent of the problem.

After a few days, it was obvious that my blood pressure was high most of the day, and got especially higher at night. I started to try different things in order to try to reduce my blood pressure, like relaxing, deep breathing, experimenting with my meds, reducing sodium and caffeine, etc.

Anyway........ here I am, ten years later, and because of my close tracking, I've been able to greatly improve my health and my blood pressure and my pre-diabetes, and significantly reduce my health care costs. Despite having Heart Failure, Chronic High Blood Pressure, Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes, Persistent Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia and Immune System Dysfunction, I spend very little on health care, mostly because what I have learned by closely monitoring my blood pressure.

I'd like to share some of my data with others, so that others can compare their results with mine. Although we are all different, the data will, at least, reflect what one of us went through in dealing with our high blood pressure. I hope that this unusual and unique information can be helpful to others, also having to deal with chronically high blood pressure.

The following is my data from the year 2003, summarized by hour of day. Hour 1 represents 1am and hour 24 represents 12 midnight.

I've listed the hour, the number of blood pressure readings, the average blood pressure for each hour, the minimum blood pressure, and the maximum blood pressure for each hour.

To read the data, let's look at hour 22, which is 10pm. For the entire year of 2003, I took my blood pressure 60 nights at 10pm, the average blood pressure of all of the 10pm blood pressure readings was 163/103, the minimum blood pressure for all of the 60 blood pressure readings at 10pm was 134/83 and the maximum blood pressure that I had during the entire year of 2003, at 10pm was 188/119.

My average blood pressure for all of 2003 was 151/96. As can been seen, my problem was not with extremely high blood pressure, in the 200s, but with constantly high blood pressure all day long for the entire year.

In contrast, the close monitoring of my Blood Pressure, and the reduced spending on my health care has resulted in significantly reduced blood pressure and much better health. My Blood Pressure average for all of 2008 was 122/72, based on 2543 readings.

I have significantly recovered from my chronically high blood pressure and from my Heart Failure, and from my Atrial Fibrillation due to Diet, Exercise, Coreg and avoiding bad-health triggers and irritants.

Average blood pressure readings for 2003:


  1. Readings=3; Average=141/86; Minimum=125/74; Maximum=157/101
  2. Readings=6; Average=144/90; Minimum=133/75; Maximum=154/100
  3. Readings=7; Average=143/93; Minimum=128/84; Maximum=159/101
  4. Readings=7; Average=151/98; Minimum=140/82; Maximum=162/106
  5. Readings=8; Average=150/97; Minimum=117/76; Maximum=177/110
  6. Readings=16; Average=153/100; Minimum=141/88; Maximum=172/108
  7. Readings=54; Average=158/102; Minimum=127/83; Maximum=182/112
  8. Readings=83; Average=147/93; Minimum=109/68; Maximum=180/108
  9. Readings=80; Average=139/88; Minimum=108/70; Maximum=168/106
  10. Readings=88; Average=143/90; Minimum=108/73; Maximum=167/107
  11. Readings=71; Average=147/94; Minimum=128/78; Maximum=184/110
  12. Readings=73; Average=148/95; Minimum=120/71; Maximum=172/119
  13. Readings=39; Average=151/96; Minimum=135/84; Maximum=178/114
  14. Readings=21; Average=148/92; Minimum=130/78; Maximum=175/102
  15. Readings=41; Average=152/94; Minimum=126/83; Maximum=176/111
  16. Readings=59; Average=146/92; Minimum=122/74; Maximum=179/114
  17. Readings=37; Average=147/93; Minimum=130/78; Maximum=164/102
  18. Readings=46; Average=152/95; Minimum=132/76; Maximum=174/110
  19. Readings=64; Average=155/99; Minimum=111/76; Maximum=179/115
  20. Readings=71; Average=162/101; Minimum=128/89; Maximum=185/116
  21. Readings=75; Average=163/102; Minimum=135/81; Maximum=187/118
  22. Readings=60; Average=163/103; Minimum=134/83; Maximum=188/119
  23. Readings=19; Average=156/98; Minimum=135/81; Maximum=179/114
  24. Readings=4; Average=145/97; Minimum=128/87; Maximum=153/103


All of 2003: Readings=1032; Average=151/96; Minimum=108/68; Maximum=188/119

22+ yrs of CHF,AFib,HBP,Immune Dysfunction,MCS,Insulin Resistance,Asthma; much better due to diet, exercise, COREG!!! I love COREG! and avoiding disease triggers like pollens,pollutants, irritants;

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