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May it be a true story??????
Claudio Acuña Views: 879
Published: 18 years ago

May it be a true story??????

The reason of this web page is to bring hope to those that suffer fibromyalgia and arthritis. Our personal experience with these diseases gave us a deeper understanding of the pain and suffering of others.

The following is our testimony, it is written as it appears on the book called “Arthritis Defeated at Last” by Dr. Len Sands.

Although it is been said by the medical authorities that there is not a cure for Arthritis and fibromialgia, you make the final conclusion.

Call it a act of God ....a miracle .... you decide!
These are the facts:
"Renee Rodriguez, Female, Age 41"

"Homemaker and mother of six children. Michigan, USA."

"All of a sudden, right after my sixth baby, I was struck with terrible desfigurations and joints that kept locking up. I could hardly walk. The doctor said it was degenerative Arthritis and fibromyalgia and that there was nothing she could do.”

“I was deeply concerned, my grandmother was incapacitated at age 28 with Rheumatoid Arthritis . And there I was with a new baby and my five other children to look after. How was I ever going to cope?”

“The pace and degree I was degressing; brought concerns of where I would be in a short period of time. Day by day my fingers were developing growths. My were extremely painful. My knees, hands and ankles were locking up in growing pain. I was loosing fine motor skills needed to tend to my family. I dreaded walking. It took me a while just to get enough courage to get out of bed, and I avoided the stairs as much as possible.”

“My husband worked full time, tended to the children, household chores and laundry. My older children bathed and changed the new baby. The younger children fetched for diapers.”

“I also had a sudden 20 lbs weight gain after the birth of the baby, which also aggravated my condition. I went to an internist and a rheumatologist and to a professional physical therapist. They told me there was nothing they could do to halt the relentless progress of the disease. Except put me on an exercise program, pain killers and steroids. My only hope was to pray and believe God for a miracle.”

“The diagnosis: degenerative Arthritis with fibromyalgia. [Note: Fibromyalgia often produces insupportable pain, stiffness, and weakness of many important muscles throughout the entire body, plus other symptoms similar to chronic fatigue syndrome as well.] Daily pain and the unknown direction of my future tended to bring thoughts of depression.”

“Then I happened to hear this radio program -- Mark Scott interviewing a medical researcher on WXYT in Detroit. They were talking about an amazing new immunological approach to reversing arthritis - with possible benefits for fibromyalgia as well. Something called CMO™, a natural immunomodulator.”

“I got excited! Was this to good to be true or was this an answer to prayer?, I decided I had everything to gain since my alternative looked bleak.”

“How can I express the joy I now feel, heedlessly scrambling around on the floor with my new baby, or sitting cross-legged and bent over to play -- completely free of pain.. Yes, free of pain for the first time in eight long months! And I began to feel the difference in just six days.”

“Now that I’ve finished the treatment, my knees don’t lock up anymore, my don’t ache; and all my joints move freely and are free of pain. But, you know, one of the greatest benefits of all is to know I can have a quality pain-free life rather than a future racked with pain and plagued with arthritis and fibromyalgia.”

“Only if you have been faced with that yourself can you ever know what a relief it can possible be. My prayer is to see others set free from their crippling pain and difficult existence.”

As of June of 2001 has been almost five years since Renee - my wife - found the solution to her suffering and she continues pain free thanks to CMO™. We could not help but to try to expose this product to as many people as we can. We have seen many have their lives changed. The doors have been opened internationally, particularly in Spain and Latin America and frequently we receive testimonies that encourages us to continue this hard work. Yes, there is a business side of this, but it is more excited to see that lives are being changed for a better existance, and that is the best reward.

Carlos Rodriguez
Consultant and Webmaster


Claudio Acuña


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