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Re: What should i do?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: What should i do?

Dosage is individualized, You can order the chemicals online to make your own and bring the price down quite a bit.

I'm including a copy of an article I wrote a long time ago on Sinusitis, thought you might find it interesting.

You may also benefit from the use of an Accupen, (electro accupoint device) If used correctly, works faster and more effective than drugs or herbs.



Natural allergy treatment for sinus problems.

By Eric Lloyd

The following article is a description of the cause and treatment of sinus distress under the health system called Ayurveda. In addition to digestive defects, this condition can be aggravated by food allergies . It is from research, clinical testing, and personal experience that I bring this information to you. Suffering from this myself I know how much it can affect ones life and destroy well being and productivity.

Due to suppressed power of digestion, food is not properly transformed. This results in byproducts called “ama” in Sanskrit. (Metabolic waste)

This metabolic waste passes into the body and circulates; It tends to lodge in weak areas of the body, whether it be weak as a result of past injury or low energy areas.

The body reacts by attacking the metabolic waste (known as an auto immune reaction) and causes swelling and pain. It results in fluid in the sinus cavities compounded by swelling.

This condition can be reversed and prevented with the correct detoxification and digestive stimulant formulas. Sinus congestion is generally a Kapha type disease which means it is an over abundance of Wet and Cold.

. This can be counteracted through drying and heating, and with digestive stimulation.

The following formulas are helpful for this condition. Depending on your disposition you may be able to take Trikatu Plus.

Trikatu Plus is a digestive stimulant which is composed of heating and transforming herbs. It helps create proper digestion to burn up Ama, so that it will not pass into the body. Trikatu Plus will actually stimulate your body to make it's own enzymes. (if you cannot take spicy foods then check out the alternate digestive stimulant Trisugandhi which is composed of Cinnamon, Bay leaf and Cardamom)

Note: If you can tolerate hot/spicy foods without stomach discomfort then you should be able to take Trikatu plus without any issues. Email us to be sure.

Triphala is composed of three medicinal fruits, Amalaki (for Pitta, Bibhitaki for Kapha, and Haritaki for Vata) it is completely balanced and safe for long term use.

Triphala is a very special formula which detoxifies the body. It helps reduce cholesterol, promote normal digestion and healthy skin hair and nails, it balances fire as well.

This method of allergy control usually works in 3-5 days if the correct dosage is taken.

Supplemental actions you can take are to eat lightly or fast. Remember to avoid Wheat, Dairy, and Refined Sugar when suffering from sinus issues. Raw honey can be very useful as it is decongestant.

A tea made with 1/2 tsp Ginger and a pinch of Black Pepper (sweetened with honey or not at all) is very helpful in clearing the head of phlegm.

For persistent sinus headache that won’t go away, take 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder, place in hand add enough water while mixing to make a paste. Apply that to the forehead or on cheekbones, this will help open the sinus cavities, it usually works in less than 20 min. It does burn allot but can bring relief. Take care to avoid eyes and nose as cinnamon can be irritating to them.

For nasal and sinus congestion, take finely ground calamus (San.:Vacha, Lat.:Acorus Calamus) powder and sniff a pinch up each nostril, this will liberate phlegm and allow you to blow it out.

For sinus congestion associated with diminished or loss of appetite take 3 grams of devils claw daily in 3 doses. (lack of appetite is a sign of suppressed digestion, the cause of sinus distress)


Additional stimulants: Shilajit 1-2 grams daily in 2-3 doses for lack of appetite.

Genetian herb 250-500 mg 1 hr before meals.

Sunstone (surya kanta) 150 mg 1-3 times daily (removes Vata and Kapha from the body)

Prepared aconite 100-300 mg 1-2 times daily (stimulates appetite and warms the body)

This concludes my summery of allergy treatment for Sinus allergies.

(I no longer sell any products so I removed the link in here for the webstore, sorry if it caused confusion)

Thank you,

Eric Lloyd


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