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cobalt and the B-12 sermon

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Published: 9 years ago
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cobalt and the B-12 sermon

you may be wondering already why i posted all that stuff about trace elements.

well, i am about to tell you. all of the excerpts from the book "minerals for the genetic code" were found under one mineral - cobalt.

Genetic Code:

mineral - cobalt
three codon sequence - CUU
amino acid - leucine
number of times it appears in DNA - 18,861,320
location of associated spinal segment - sacral 1 bone
acupuncture meridian - lung to L.I. (5 a.m.)
electron valence of mineral - (+4-)

"Cobalt affiliates with the amino acid leucine on the Olree Standard Genetic Chart. Everything alive needs cobalt, yet it seems to be absent everywhere. Carbon and nitrogen combine to allow the link between metals and non-metals to enter the human body. [trapper - pause and reflect on that a sec] Carbon and nitrogen combine together with a double bond called cyanide. This one is a rover, always wanting to seek something else. If you take carbon-nitrogen into your system, it wants to play tag-team with oxygen and does not let carbon dioxide release. If cobalt is attached to that cyanide molecule, it is a powerful agent for letting metals into the body. That combination of carbon-nitrogen-cobalt is vitamin B-12, which we cannot live without. Minerals NOT on the standard genetic chart link with DNA, and DNA creates molecules enabling messenger RNA to utilize trace minerals through the action of carbon, nitrogen and cobalt. These are titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, gallium and germanium.

This inventory of minerals opens the discussion in so many directions [no kidding] it would take a telephone directory-like tome to touch upon all of the bases."

"Cobalt is responsible for iron's entry into the body. Without cobalt, iron is not welcome, whatever the source. Moreover, iron cannot be absorbed without the presence of copper. As a practitioner, Richard Olree directs patients to put blackstrap molasses into a cup of fresh cow's milk with vitamin B-complex and vitamin C. Also taken would be a Certs candy witht he green dots in them. The green dots are copper gluconate, and copper must be present to absorb iron.

Titanium likes to pair up with germanium, and germanium likes oxygen. Vanadium and gallium also pair, as do chromium and zinc. Zinc is the glue that holds DNA together. It is stored and regulated by the prostate gland. Women usually live longer because men spend their lives giving their zinc and selenium to women. White spots on fingernails denote a zinc deficiency. Zinc is the number one trace element on the insulin molecule. It is the role of the chromium molecule to enable the placement of the zinc molecule on the insulin molecule. Zinc is the sixth most abundant element in the brain.

In the wild, Chronic Wasting Disease is usually a consequence of a low ratio of manganese to copper."

"Cobalt is an essential element that normalizes cells in the body, especially the performance of red corpuscles. Cobalt is at the very center of the vitamin B-12 molecule and is a cofactor and activator for enzymes and fixes nitrogen during amino acid production. Cobalt functions in the body include that it aids in the assimilation of iron, stimulates various enzymes, normalizes cells, and builds red blood cells. signs of possible deficiency include pernicious anemia, nerve damage and stunted growth."


you take all the things cobalt does and all the things the trace metals that cobalt allows into the body do and you have covered about half the illnesses out there, something quite similar to iodine in its scope and reach.

anyone who knows they have a mineral problem, and arent they all mineral problems(?), should first take care of their B-12. you cant count on absorption, you cant count on a sick body being able to do what it is supposed to. also, as you get older, you cant absorb B-12, probably because of all the reasons we are familiar with already. this means youre not absorbing all of those trace minerals.

so to jump start this thing, to make sure the one essential yet elusive mineral/vitamin is there so everything else can work(again, a lot like iodine), then there is only one way to go. get a big honkin B-12 shot and keep getting them until you know you have all you need. how will you know when you have enough? thats another way cobalt is like iodine. you know.


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