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Re: parasites
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: parasites

It is becoming abundantly clear that trying to
find help from allopathic doctors for a parasite/fungal problem is rather like attempting to have a discussion
of high energy physics with a chimpanzee.
Yeah, have fun with that.

Twice last week I visited two different doctors in
regard to my [self diagnosed] candida overgrowth.
Systemic's everywhere. Had been suggesting to
doctors for 3 years that my grab bag of symptoms MIGHT
be related to a microbe. [don't do that..the docs get quite hostile.."what is with YOU people coming up with the
most unlikely causes? I think you have Multiple Sclerosis!}
I Have hundreds of
microphotographs of the beasties. Took a bundle
of 30 or so of the better pics along with skin scrapings
of the fungal rhizoids..[dont need a microscope for these..
they are loong..and plentiful].
Samples of fungals removed from hair. Samples of fungal
hairs removed from urine. Never mind the walking billboard
of fungal destruction that is my skin..especially on the arms. Cratered like a moonscape. Hey doc..the fungus is
quite easy to see with this 30x optical loupe..
[doc not interested in actually LOOKING at anything.
I light up the bit of fungus with an ultraviolet flashlight..look at the fungal glow..easy to find them
this way. [doc not interested] Won't look at the fungal
tangles in the skin scraping collection. Well..fine..I am
particularly concerned about the huge [relatively speaking]
microbes in the blood pictures..[suspected candida rhizoids]..up to a mm in length, which, on the red blood cell scale [8-10 microns] is MAMMOTH.

He flips thru the blood beastie pics and dismisses them all as "artifacts". [doc, i am quite aware of the hazards of optical artifacts..which is why I brought in
so many pics..taken with TWO different microscopes..gathered over a 3 month time frame..and I didn't even print a photo of
the beasties UNLESS they were coated in white blood cell CANNOT be a "piece of lint" that fell onto the slide with all of those blood cells swarming it!]

Artifacts my ass.
Second doctor prescribes an anti mite
medication...ELIMITE..[a pyrethrin based insecticide].
Never mind the fact that I have all those microphotographs
of my skin..estimated 200 hours of staring at the skin landscape with microscopes..if there was a MITE to be seen, it would have been observed by now. Show the doctor
a small bottle of fungal hairs..he prescribes a remedy for
mites...of which there is no evidence. The skin craters
are full of FUNGUS. Garrgh! Two docs, neither gives the
evidence presented ANY weight at all in their "learned considerations". Verdict? "get thee to a specialist"..which will be much more expensive..but you have no choice. Thanks doc, good to know the $200 I invested for 15 minutes of your time was so well spent.
You, and the doc before you, and the one before him..etc..etc..for the last 3 years.

Whateve happened to physicians? A hundred years ago, they
had a microscope in the office..along with a bit of curiosity..snip a sample, slide it under the scope and take a look for themselves. Can't unravel all mysteries
that way, but at least they can see what I am seeing.

..alas, that was before the AMA and the FDA turned all the
"phsicians" into drug dealers with a degree.
I just read that a recent study indicates that "properly
prescribed" drugs and doctor errors are now the number one
cause of death in the USA? 700,000 DEATHS? more than
the annual rate for cancer and heart disease? And the
GUARDIANS of public health, the FDA tirelessly harries
the vitamin and herbal supplements..never mind that last
year there were NO deaths attributed to supplemental vitamins? [saw that bit of info just yesterday]
And the allopathic doctors DARE to call the Naturopaths
Quacks? might be amusing if there was not so much suffering
and destruction involved.

Need to find some qualified quacks..err..Naturopaths..but
in NJ they seem to be as rare as Centaurs. They have to
buck the "powers that be" in the Nanny State for every inch
of ground. NJ. Lovely place. Illegal to even have blood drawn for simple tests without a prescription. I tire of having to drive across the Pennsylvania border to routine
blood testing. The docs here really hate it when you go around them..don't ask for permission to have blood drawn.
Thats $100 or more lost to their "practice"..well..twice that actually. One visit to beg for a "draw blood" scrip..and another visit to explain the results. As if I can't read the reports clear explanation
of "normal range of all values" on my own.

..harumph. this is turning into a bit of a rant.
Must be off. More Naturopathic books to study, more
glassware for the herbals, and another batch of herbal
tea to simmer.

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