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Not to worry, not a fungus, it's just an artifact.
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Published: 10 years ago

Not to worry, not a fungus, it's just an artifact.

..saw the doc again today..showed him a stack of photos
I took with my microscopes. Every pic showed a blood sample with a clear and sharp pic of a microbe that
I am "best guessing" is a fungal rhizoid; most likely
candida. [based on the other 400 or so photos of fungals
crawling out of skin blisters and in all body fluids..]


after glancing at the stack of pictures like the one above...he dismisses all of them as being "artifacts".
[what KIND of artifact [optical?..some fault in the microscopes optical chain?.. digital conversion fault
off the CMOS sensor?] further info, just.."they're artifacts"..candida yeasts dont get that big.
[I SHOWED him the looooong fungal rhizoids i scraped off my
skin..a container full of them..5/10/15 mm long..and lots of them. Has he not ever heard of the rhizoid form of

artifacts indeed..a 34 cent word for "they don't exist".
I didn't even photograph any blood fungal that was not
covered in white blood cells just to avoid the "oh, it's just a hair drifting onto the slide" excuse.
A "lint" artifact will NOT be covered with leukocyte goo.
The "goo" indicates clearly that the "artifact" was in fact
IN the blood.

gahh!..he doesn't have a clue, so rather than say "i don't know what that is"..he declares it [them] not to exist.
how convenient...makes for a tidy, well ordered, [if rather
small] universe.

...this is just sad..
it is just as the doctors who are presented with clear evidence
from the Morgellons victims that they have "things" crawling out of their skin.[and the doc has never seen/heard of such things]..are summarily dismissed as
being DOP. [delusions of parasitosis/mental cases.]

...and i have to just nod my head ..yes..of course..
they can't exist. Don't dare annoy the medical gods,
who cannot admit they are seeing something new..
the gods are fickle and quick to anger..
be careful, mortal.. lest they further contaminate your medical records with "patient is hostile/uncooperative/combative..possibly
dangerous" entries in addition to "DOP". to find another who is not
so "all knowing" and has a spark of curiosity.

[..yeah, good luck with that.]


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