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Have you had a Near Death Experience?
rudenski Views: 2,951
Published: 10 years ago

Have you had a Near Death Experience?

Tell your story. The world needs to know.

NDE's are reports of what is to come... filtered through the symbolism of our mind...
When we die, if we have a soul, that soul will move on to the light... I saw my life flash before my eyes... My life review accounted for every moment in it but filtered out the un-love from it. Pooping, sex, eating, working for a living unrelated to love.... were all there but just fast forwarded past... The essential me was what was left... as a gift to give to the light(the sum of all love)

Naysayers can say NDE's are mind tricks but on my way back to my body... while my body was dead in a cornfield, I saw the lady who pulled over on the side of the road get out of her car and I saw a man pull up in a truck... There is no way I could have seen them if my soul had not left my body,,,

I did not see rellatives in my NDE but others do and it is never living relatives... People do not set that scenario up before they die... it is real... one lady who had a NDE met a brother she did not know she had... returning to her body she asked about the brother from her mom and her mom said she did have a brother who died shortly after birth and she did not tell her about it...

NDE are real but more important.. they are love stories of how much we are loved by the sum of all love... If we are to get anything from NDE it should be that we are loved and we should spread that love...

When we die, all with souls will end up at the light when and where time ends... Some may keep ending up here in school of hell but when we are done playing in hell... heaven or endless dimensions of higher and higher love awaits us...

If you want to move on to higher love then love as much as you can, forgive all harm done to you and by you as it may trick you into falling again into another body,,, The higher schools of love are awesome beyond compare,,, subtle loving energies or towering love... the true playground of the soul....

These are my perceptions from my NDE. If you had a Near Death Experience, feel free to post them in this forum.
Your NDE may have very different lessons and whatever your lessons, I hope you post your knowing here.

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