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What has helped me!
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Published: 19 years ago

What has helped me!

Please read my testimonial........and then visit my web site it will tell you about this New Immune Product...if you don't try it how do you know it won't help!
Biochoice Immune 26....It balances the immune system....this could be the reason for some of our problems (Health Wise )..... people are
getting pretty good far as the quality of
life being better, especially sleep, and more
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This also comes with a 30 day money back
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I have suffered with pain in my back, shoulders,arms and knees for around 10 or more years.

I figured I was just one of thousands of people who had some type of wasn't a constant pain... mostly weather related.

Then a few years ago my lower back and knees started getting really bad.....I had to quit work because of my back and knees.

I started going to my doctor to see if she could give me anything that would help.

The cure was worse than the problem in that my stomach could not tolerate the anti-inflamatory drugs.

More and more the pain increased, then about 2 1/2 years ago I was rear-ended by a car while stopped at a traffic light.

This brought on problems with my neck and upper back so to a chiropractor I went for whiplash.... this lasted for a little over a year.

It helped for awhile but the headaches were still coming and going and it seemed little by little the pain would go from my head to the rest of my body.

In the last year the pain became unreal, I started taking 2500+mg. of over the counter motrin daily until it stopped helping me.... so back to the doctor I went.

She tried all the new anti-inflamatory drugs on me with no good results.

When the pain had gotten to a point of no return I went to my doctor and suggested a test for Rheumatoid Arthritis ,osteo-arthritis and any and all tests that might help us find what was wrong.

I had all the blood work and osteo tests done and they all came back negative, so she started doing these pressure point test on me and came up with fibromyalgia.

More medications with no good results.

One day I was in the fibromyalgia group on the internet and I had written a lady about the problems she was having and told her about myself and Ellen, my now sponsor, read my note also and emailed me with an offer of possibly some hope for me.

I ignored her offer for a few days until the pain got the best of me.

I then wrote and told her I wanted to try this Immune26 product of her's.

I did, and not really paying much attention to whether it worked or not went about my everyday life, which was one of pain and misery at this point.

By the 5th day I thought something was different but I ignored it, I mean every once in awhile I would have 1 or 2 days of partial relief anyway.

Day 6, I've noticed that the pain in my body is gone and I slept through the night and...WOW... I've got energy... this was a real rarity!

By now I had 4 good days under my belt and I knew for a fact that it had to be this product I was taking.

The next day I wrote Ellen and told her that she had convinced me, by suggestion only,to be a distributor.

Now I want to help others get their lives back from an immune system that doesn't ward off these auto-immune diseases.

It wouldn't hurt to try this......remember... it has a 30 day money back guarantee, the product I use and swear by is the BioChoice Immune 26.

Ann Oktela, PA

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