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Re: NDE Meets Just War Theory
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: NDE Meets Just War Theory

I find many with NDE's are so caught up in their immortality that they do not comprehend that there is real suffering going on in the world...
while I did not meet a devil in my NDE, I did meet a disconnected from love being who is often called "God, Allah, Yahweh" by religious and is
a good reason for agnostics and atheists to deny there is a God who is the sum of all love. While I could never fear the light... I could at least respect the lesser aspect of God I met right outside the atmosphere.. He(as opposed to the gender neutral light) can deal out a lot of misery... and if it were not for the 66.666% light rule, we would all have to suffer greatly for our own karma... If we were to truly receive a loss of an eye for an eye... the whole of mankind would be full of people with gnashing teeth... but to ignore the father of the world's balancing bdarkness... .33.3333% darkness as a variable is to avoid the elephant in the room or the 500 lb gorilla but on these boards I often read that all suffering is not real and there is no evil...

but have met legions of dark spirits and I can not just wish them away by saying they are not real... It is as golfers with spiked shoes laughing and playing on the back of that 500 LB gorilla or elephant in the room and ignoring that it is there.... I believe much of the reason why there are those with NDE's who believe there is no evil because they never really experienced "true" evil that was completely beyond just twisted lust or drug addicted behaviors... There are intelligent abscwences of love that want nothing more than power;;;; and until you sit in their presence telling you how they will kill millions of human beings(like I experienced) and call the innocents killed colatteral damage... it may be hard to gain from their NDE's that there are real pshycopaths in charge of the masses of media, religions, industries and governments of the world. Those that just run across physical or mental abuse or injury and never run into powerful forces of pure angst and misery can not guess from their milk and cracker misery what is rare but very real in the world... evil...

By meeting this type of evil, my innicence was taken from me... but it only happened because I believed all of the propaganda driven into me from birth that asked me hate people who were not like me... atheists, catholics, muslims, russians, viet cong, chinese.... anyone really that did not agree with my religious teachers, political leaders, and industrialists ideologies were supposedly evil and hated by God himself... Post NDE, I knew those men were lying... even about the God of thhis world was not evil per sey but just delivering an eye for every eye he coulod get away with within the range of balancing it all out with .666 light... I can't explain why I wa shanded off from the light into the hands of the God of this world's systems but I was.... and see his systems all of the time working against what I witnessed in the last age of of the earth... light moving across the whole of the earth...
I see it regularly... "All is illusion" and so I agree with that outlook as well... but it is very real to those going through it.

Before we are ever born, we pick and choose the parents we will have that will most likely provide us with the genetic advantages and disadvantages that is likely to form the type of person who will be capable of learning the lessons we want to learn... We bargain with the God of this world and he dulls our minds about the pure unadulterated love that awaits us or we would not play war and power with another,,, It is sad but we who fall into bodies do so with very little understanding of what the bodies we put though tremendous pain go through.

But the worst thing to me is that we as voyeurs drop in bodies to set us up to learn lessons in the one body that is irectly linked to our soul,,,, to learn lesson sthrough pain bodies until we do not.... We may also drop into lives unrelated to our direct genetic makeup to give us tidbits of other lives that can be a type of toolbox for our lives. Many call these type of blips in another life's experiences past lives. With consent of the singular soul, we learn from those who have gone before us but itn is all rather a cruel game to me.... The best we can do... in my opinion is to harm as little as possible in this life and to stay busy attempting to relieve suffering... and laugh... and dance.... and ing a love song to steal from pain... joy...and kindnesses... this world of trick love is not my prefered learning environment... but I will grudgingly live in this world of pain but I am not of this world... Soon though, this world will change and the .333% darkness will be forgotten... just as when we turn on a light in a dark room... we forget the fears we had just moments before... but it does take the effort to trip that switch... but I am not there yet... just being real here...

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