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What is happening to me, I got it in Mexico, that I know for sure.
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Published: 13 years ago

What is happening to me, I got it in Mexico, that I know for sure.

Hello everyone let me give you the details of what has happened to me

My Symptoms

* 10-15 times diarrhea per day (wet), never have normal "floaters" since I came back from Mexico 9 months ago.

* Diarrhea comes quickly out of nowhere and needs to be 'relieved' within 20 seconds or so at most otherwise an embarrassment situation occurs.

* noise heard in stomach area (gas type sounds)

* a lot of gas daily

* b....d in stool (may have been caused by internal hemorrhoids started from having so many months from the diarrhea or maybe combined with so much toilet papering for so many months as I can't remember if I had b....d in the diarrhoea from the beginning as I never looked at it for probably a month or more after having it or maybe later.

1) In Feb 09 I was in Mexico for one month.
2) When I got back (and I think when I was still there) I acquired constant diarrhea (maybe 10-15 times a day).

3) Since I expected to get diarrhea when in Mexico I didn't think anything about the diarrhea when I got back for some time, but after like 1 month of having it and noticing b....d in my diarrhea too, I started getting scared thinking I have some kind of serious thing (parasites? Chrons disease? colon cancer? Ibs?).

4) I have never been sick with ibs or similar gastrointestinal problems or had diarrhea like this in my entire life (I am 39 m) and it started from the time I was in Mexico about 9 months ago, that is why I am absolutely certain it originated from there and must be related to parasites of some kind I ingested while there.

5) Every single day that I got back from Mexico 9 months ago I have had diarrhea. Every single day.

6) Because of various reasons I cannot just change my family doctor (I live in canada) and I have up until today avoided going to him because I know nothing will come of it based on his prior dealings with me. In Canada no one can just walk into a specialist doctor's place and have them treat you, you first have to be "referred" by your family doctor, and I know my family doctor would never do that properly for me so I have just avoided going to see him. I can't afford to travel to the US to pay to see a parasite or gastrointestinal specialist so I have been trying to research whatever natural (OTC) methods I can do and try them instead and see if they do anything.

7) In the last 9 months I tried a few methods which did not really do anything to stop my diarrhea with b in the stool.

8) I did a 5 day hard core (basically water only) fast using the paragone product and a psyllium husk Colon Cleanse mix as well as Bentonite clay, all spread out at least 1-2 hours from each other.

During the 5 day paragone cleanse fast I lost like 14 pounds but afterwards realized that my diarrhea was still there once I started eating again.

9) I noticed over the last 9 months that eating a lot of white rice and bananas can make the diarrhea not as bad, but its not like it is getting rid of it, so anyways I try to eat that a lot.

After the fast I got into researching alternative natural methods that might work.

10) I went to a "naturopath" and got prescribed a few things from the health food store including grapefruit seed extract pills and some other bottle of pills but they did absolutely nothing and I have been taking them every day for 1 month. I was also taking something from china called "curing pill" that came in red boxes, again they did nothing, though kind of smelled nice. They were vials of little balls of mixed dryed herbs.

11) I tried taking a high potency acidophiles product for 10 days, potency I was taking was 100 billion per day. At the same time I was taking saccharomyces boulardii tablets like 8 or so a day (like triple recommended dosage). I did notice a bit better energy level while taking the acidophiles and boulardi but there is absolutely no change in diarrhea.

12) I have not taken any Antibiotics /drugs at all since it began, nor gone for any stool sample or blood test.

13) last thing I have just started a couple days ago is drinking a few tablespoons or more of cayenne pepper and few cloves of garlic per day to see if that will burn out whatever I may have (whole chest feels like fire when drinking my mix for over an hour). I am so desperate now I am going to try another 5 day fast but this time on this cayenne pepper/garlic and psyllum husk mix along with some vitamin and mineral supplements and salt and see if that does anything at all. I also read apple cider vinegar may help but haven't' tried that.

So in conclusion, I got this (what I think is are parasites/flukes or whatever they may be) in mexico FOR SURE 9 months ago, and I have had diarrhea because of it every single day since, 70% of time with b in stool. The diarrhea happens way too many times a day for me to go back to leading a normal life outside.

The only way I can live a partly normal life is if I don't eat, or I take imodium/pepto, but I found I lost 50% energy when taking those things and I also felt pains in gut when taking like something bad was being caused by them so I don't take them unless I have to go out for more then 1 hour so I don't have a diarrhea time somewhere outside my own home which I am now pretty much 100% inside of the last 9 months. I have had absolutely embarrassing moments I could not control outside my home and that was even when I was taking the imodium/pepto as well, so they don't work all the time either. My life has pretty much totally changed because of this for the worse, I hope it can change back.

If anyone can tell me their stories ideas on what they think I should try in an attempt to get my life back to how it was before I went to Mexico 9 months ago, I would greatly appreciate your words. I understand you are not giving licensed medical advice but only sharing things you have tried or experienced, recommend, or have heard or read from others which may help me, I will seek the advice of a licensed doctor before trying anything advised to me so please don't feel you need to hold back from telling me the most hard core stories, ideas and recommendations whatever they may be that may have the possibility of helping even in a small way. I need to gather all the help I can to overcome these enemies in my body.

You may email me privately off the board if you prefer that method as well, just click my name.

Thank you very much.


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