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Health update and some new things I've tried in the past few months

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Published: 12 years ago

Health update and some new things I've tried in the past few months

It's been 2.5 years without Candida and without anti-fungals, 1.5 years without cancer, 1 year and 7 months on the Primal Diet, and 2 months since I've removed my silver/mercury fillings.

I've recently purchased a Far Infrared Sauna . I highly recommend these to anyone whose lymph is full of garbage and cannot exercise (I know how hard it is when you are sick). In one month of daily (40 min) sessions all of the toxins have been removed from my lymph, which is amazing, I'm very impressed. My wife and I have also lost some fat, which is a nice added bonus. If you don't have the money, hot Epsom Salt baths or sitz baths are good substitutes, but I intuitively feel the far infrared is better, so it was worth the investment (to me). I paid $2700 for a 2 person system.

I'm happy to say that my lungs have FINALLY started healing after removing my mercury fillings and replacing them with biocompatible fillings. My lungs were the only organ that showed no signs of healing on the Primal Diet so I'm very happy about this.

So far I've faced no setbacks from the Amalgam removal process and in the next 3-4 months I'll begin chelation using the Cutler protocol.

For the last 6 years I couldn't exercise because my liver couldn't handle additional toxins in the blood and it would literally cripple me for a few days (couldn't work) and my muscles would be extremely sore (they'd burn) for a month (which is not normal). Since last year I've been playing hockey and running and sometimes doing weights. I exercise 2-3 times per week. Obviously, exercise, whether it's walking, rebounding, or something else helps. I think it's cruel when I read articles that said "Exercise for good health", especially when you're sick and unable to exercise for whatever reason. Having said that, I probably should have done rebounding in my sicker days.

Depression has 95% gone away. I think the Green Pastures (fermented, not processed) cod liver oil has had a major effect. My diet, exercise, and the Far Infrared Sauna have also helped.

My brain fog is almost all gone (80%). With brain fog comes mental confusion, inability to think quickly, and memory loss at times (I don't know if anyone else has had this). I still have memory loss but it's not as bad as it was. Of all the aspects of my bad health, I think that brain fog was the most cruel, mostly because I couldn't do my job properly (I had to fake it) and because I've always prided myself on intelligence. When I was really sick I had to trust my intuition most of the time and the only reason I found any answers was because openmindedness, nothing else. But it's getting better (and I can actually do my job properly again), so I'm happy about it.

I think like everyone else, I get setbacks too which I don't always talk about. I recently had super flakey and dry skin on the top of my head and on my face for some reason. I was told it was because I had fungus (Candida) in my head and my body was detoxing it. I was told to cover my head with raw honey over a weekend (sexy). So I covered my head for only one night but it seems to have worked. If I do it for an entire weekend it should clear the rest up.

I've recently seen a local health practioner that does quantum reflex testing (it's very similar to muscle testing but more accurate in his opinion). I was really impressed. Basically, you connect your thumb and your middle finger in an "OK" position for one hand, the other hand you use two fingers and you place it on the organ you wish to test. It's also important to remove all EMF influence, so you stand barefoot on a quartz slab and don't wear a Cell Phone or other have other EMF source. The health practioner tests the grip between the thumb and the middle finger. If the grip is strong, the organ is strong. If the grip is weak, the organ is weak. If the organ is weak, he then places small jars of pills or other substances on you, which hopefully increases your grip strength if it can help you. Like I said, I was very impressed. If you're in a low EMF environment, he can also even gauge how much of a herb he should give you (ie. 3 pills per day, 6, 1).

So anyway, my organs were fairly strong except for my intestines which were very weak. I learned that my body is now clear of parasites (my body is optimally alkaline now) except for a nasty one that is sitting in my intestines (it's from the Caribbean). It escaped prior parasite cleansing for whatever reason, but it might be because prior cleanses didn't kill the eggs (they hatch every 11 months). Unfortunately I didn't get to test Humaworm or Barefoots formula against this parasite, but I'm going to do so next time I see him.

So I learned something new about parasite cleanses. To kill the eggs you should use a castor oil pack 30 minutes after your supper time parasite herbs to force the eggs to hatch. Also, he recommended that I use a coffee enema to flush them out (I forget when I should do this). Hopefully this will give me even more energy. He seems to think so, so it's promising.

Also, once he added a substance to increase my stomach's hydrochloric acid, my intestines became super strong.

So hopefully, in 2 months from now, I'll gain extra strength from what he's recommending. And the nice part is, the regime is only temporary.

He also specializes in VASTU, the scientific version of feng shui (not the indian version of vastu) and eventually I'm going to have him in my home to evaluate it, and especially to test and reduce all EMF sources! But that's in the future.

I can give you his name and number if anyone is interested, he's in Toronto Canada though.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
I've also started doing emotional freedom technique (there is a free guide on You know, I think it helps. I'd recommend it to everyone here.

C-FLUSH (Vitamin C flushing)
I almost forgot, I also did my first c-flush. C-flush means that you use a neutral ascorbate (vitamin C) such as sodium ascorbate or I-ascorbate powder. Instructions are below.

I believe it should work well to heal my intestines and my body in general. I will continue to c-flush each week (3 week on, 3 weeks off) until my bowel tolerance is much less (which shows that my body no longer needs as much vitamin C). Although I won't use sodium ascorbate powder every day, I'll megadose with it whenever I start to get sick or injured. I'll also take small amounts if I'm especially tired from exercise.

Anyway, that's my life in a nutshell for the past few months.


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