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Re: I Need Help With Angular Cheilitis
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: I Need Help With Angular Cheilitis

Tom,Wgb thank you for your respones.

I continue to look into this. I have had success controlling the AC, no more cracking but the redness is still present. possibly lightening, however if I remove the topical agents I am using I believe it would return. I will continue until the surface expression of the Candida is gone.

However let's look deeper into this, literally I suppose. With the regiment of treatments that we are all using we would rid ourselves of AC if that was all we were dealing with here. There is more going on. it is internal, which is why so many AIDS patients get it.

When you are searching for solutions on Google, I suggest stopping searching for AC, start searching with taglines around Candida. The AC foundation has taken over Google. Nice that they found a treatment that helps, shitty that they are monopolizing the online accessible info.

When I was in Belize 6 months ago I got a really intense spider bite infection. I was on extremely heavy Antibiotics given slightly recklessly by foreign doctors and I took them out of fear of losing my leg. I came home and my AC started and got worse over time.

The Antibiotics killed all of the good bacteria in my body!!! this allowed the Candida which is kept in check by the good bacteria and is always present in almost all of our bodies to flourish. So I can control the topical expression of it (AC) but it will always come back unless I bring my inner body into check... This will begin to day and I will keep you informed. Nystatin has been used effectively, Kaprycidin-A, Caprylic acid, Pau D-arco tea, Quercitin. All natural products that can help us begin to kill the overgrwoth and rebalance our bodies.

We do not want to kill it all though, it is part of our bodies. WGB I bet this same business will help you, you just have a different expression of the same iterior problem.

This is also why I find it highly unlikely that this is contagious. It just wouldnt make any sense. It is an oppurtunistic fungus, the person you are kissing has it too, they just have an immune system not currently compormised and will absorb it. Could be wrong but this makes perfect sense to me. Now, if your AC is caused by Staph, then maybe it could be contagious however I highly doubt that anyone on this site has a a staph caused AC. they would have used Antibiotics and been done with it already.

What do we think here? feedback whenever.


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