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pets & marriage
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Published: 13 years ago

pets & marriage

Here's a situation that's maybe not unusual but strikes me as a wierd problem to have:

It's about my dog. I'm so darn annoyed right now. I used to wonder why people have to be either a cat person or a dog person. After all, I've always liked both although I've spent more time with cats. Well, what do you know, now that I own a dog, I can definitively say that I am a cat person. All the things that make me think I would hate life taking care of young children seems to apply with our dog. I'm thinking of them a lot like kids: I like to play with them, but I don't want to have my own. Even now, while writing this, she was bored so asked to go outside (by ringing the door bell). I'm trying to train her that it's only for the bathroom but if she's bored she'll ring it. I won't entertain it; if she doesn't use the bathroom she comes right back in. But man, how am I supposed to work from home during the day with a dog insisting that I have my attention on her 24x7? The thing that pisses me off the most about the dog is the trait that makes them seem selfish. She's not the only pet in the house. During the evenings, we play with her for hours (mostly hubby), yet if I want to play with my cats for 5 minutes, even if hubby is playing with her, she want my attention. She can't stand anyone having fun without her. I can't enjoy the cats properly because cats love to run and act crazy - that's the best thing about having kittens! - but once the dog hears, she runs in the middle of it and the cats calm down so they don't get trampled or hide. The dog doesn't hurt them, mind you, but they can't play their running games with her interrupting and knocking them over. So I can't watch the cats play, I can't play with them, hell I can't even get affection much less sex from my own husband without the dog interrupting to get her share of attention or if we lock her up, whining and crying and carrying on. I absolutely hate that! I can't work near a door because she'll ask to go out because she's bored even though she doesn't have to use the bathroom.

So I can't work, play with the kittens, watch the kittens, or "play" with my husband without whiney puppy getting in the way. I get frustrated watching my husband try to "train" her and watching him get frustrated. It just puts me off. Then he wonders why my mood has changed and I try to blow off the mood. He already can tell that I don't love having a puppy although I have absolutely not told him all this! I told him that it pisses me off when I do try to play with her and I get hit in the face with her teeth. Guys probably don't mind the roughhousing but girls don't like to be knocked around and I specifically have an internally violent reaction when I get hit in the face. So when I do try to give her love, that's the outcome because she jumps at your face and hits you with her teeth. So I either only have her calm in the house by ignoring her a lot, and then feel guilty because she's sad and bored even though if I get her excited it will be worse because she'll hit me and then I'll be pissed off and mean to her... or I have her outside where I can play with her better by running and playing fetch but I can only do that but so much because I have to work and I have things to do.

I haven't done this before but after last night and this morning, I locked her in her kennel even though I'm still home so I can sit and get some work done. I'm just too frustrated and annoyed at it all.

And to top it off, of course my dear husband loves the dog and senses that I'm not so thrilled? I really hate owning a dog. What can I do?

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