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Re: bile duct injury lawsuit?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: bile duct injury lawsuit?

Oh my gosh! That makes me mad for you! From what I've figured out on my own in the past 2 years, after going the Alternative route- gallbladder surgeries, high cholestrol med's, all the plaque med's, could be avoided if people had the right balance of needed substances in the bile. My gallbladder was not functioning because of the liver being so blocked! Now I know, after $30,000 spent on MD's that couldn't figure out why my liver continued to be a problem after gallbladder surgery--that my bile has been deficient- probably for years!

What they will not also tell you after gallbladder surgery--is you will need to take supplemental bile acids for the rest of your life too. I was just giving a cz friend info about this. This is what made the most significant difference for me with my liver in the past 6 months--after being so chronic for the past 3-4 years.

>>Most surgeons are blithely ignorant about the lost function of the gall bladder in patients who cholecystetomy. All patients lacking a gall bladder suffer from deficiency of bile acids. Patients lacking a gall bladder are unable to control bile secretion into the intestines to regulate proper absorption of fats, fatty acids, and fat soluble vitamins. Proper removal of toxins depends on bile acids that are not available in appropriate quantities after cholecystectomy. All persons who have had cholcystectomy need to take bile acids permanently. Without a gall bladder the patient has lost the ability to stock up on fat that can be used as a source of calories in illness and famine, essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins(A, D, E, K).

One of the main functions of bile is to break toxic substances into smaller pieces. These small pieces become bound to sulfur containing substances like glutathione and pass into the colon. Beneficial intestinal bacteria protect the colon from the toxin. These same healthy bacteria later facilitate separation of the toxin from bile acid which is reused to remove more toxins from the body as the toxic substance is eliminated in feces. Persons lacking healthy intestinal bacteria will be unable to protect the colon from toxin injury and separate toxins from sulfur transporting particles.

This is the bile salts (ox-bile) the ND has had me using, and he told me the same thing--with no gallbladder, supplemental bile salts are needed for life.

Light bulb information that made THE differences for me in being able to understand how bile works.

From Telman, on the Liver Flush Forum --my AH-HA moment!
Ox-bile PLUS choline is needed for stable bile! When I started taking both ox-bile, and phosphatidyl choline, it made a big difference. For the first month or so, you will wonder, but this has made a big difference for my father too (who also has no gallbladder and almost died too from pancreatitis and incompetent MD's!)

'Normal' Bile is a critically stable (Metastable) material. It is a mixture of 3 compounds:
Bile Salts

They need to exist together in certain proportion and any imbalance in any of the 3 substances can lead to anomalies in the bile. Too much cholesterol and crystals of cholesterol and clumps of fatty material form. A drop in lecithin and crystals of cholesterol, clumps of fatty material and cluster of plastic like material form. A drop in bile salts and clumps of fatty material and cluster of plastic like material form.

I truly believe, that if people knew this that still have their gallbladders..there would be far less surgeries, and not the cholestrol problems that are so common!!

I'm so sorry to hear of what you have suffered through! What can be done for it? Nothing?


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