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SURVEY (Phase I): Now is your chance to provide input into design!
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Published: 19 years ago

SURVEY (Phase I): Now is your chance to provide input into design!

So based on what has got to be at least a moderately popular idea, I'm going to begin to design and distribute a survey regarding Liver Flush experience. Considering that I'm not incredibly experienced with Liver Flushing in general, I'd like to ask the fine members of this community for any input as to survey design. I haven't made a working model yet, and this is also as of yet unformatted. What I will probably do is make a webpage on which the survey can be easily taken as well as an MS Word version that can be printed out easily. However, so far:

Some questions may not apply to all individuals. Answer as best you can, with the maximum amount of relevant information. Your responses will help guide the development of a new liver flushing/maintenance protocol that maximizes benefits, comfort, and ease for anyone choosing to liver flush.

I. Background Information

Name (Optional):
Number of completed flushes:

For each of the following, list whether or not Liver Flushing has seemed to show improvement of said condition. If so, explain how (after how many flushes, permanent vs. temporary improvement, etc.):
Professionally diagnosed disorders/issues (past or current):
Self-diagnosed disorders and issues (past or current):

Supplements and practices relevant to liver health/flushing that you have used successfully (includes using apple juice/orthophosphoric or malic acid; list both supplements you use specifically for flushing and in general):
(For each) Did you use this supplement in a controlled setting? (By adding it and only it to a familiar protocol?) Y/N
Why do you feel this supplement is effectual? What do you think it does?

A. Nonspecific
What is the range of types and amounts of oil (if any) you have used on your flushes? (If you redose the next morning, add that as a +# and make a note. Example: 1/2 cup olive oil + 1/2 flaxseed oil following morning
Which oil have you found least difficult to consume and digest?
Which oil do you feel is most effectual? Have you tested this?

What form and dosing schedule of magnesium (if any) have you used during your flushes?

What eating patterns do you maintain leading up to the flush? What foods do you consume? Why?

If you use an oil/juice flush, what type of (and what amount of) juices have you taken along with the oil? Which seems the most effective or practical (taste/comfort)? Why?

Have you ever used a liver massage technique during a flush? If so, describe it. Do you feel it was effective, and if so, why?

Do you use colonics, enemas, or coffee enemas during, before, or after your liver flush? What purpose do they serve?

Have you ever combined another type of therapy or practice with liver flushing? (Fasting, sauna therapy, etc.) What effects did this have?

B. Specific

Describe the protocol you personally prefer. Why? Using evidence either from experience or knowledge (reading, studies, etc. - cite when possible, but not necessary), what makes this protocol superior in ease or effectiveness? Use as much detail as you feel relevant.

III. Post-Flush

What type of adverse ("detoxification" or otherwise) reactions have you suffered as a result of liver flushing? (If you have an explanation or conditions for each, note them.)

What type of behavior do you maintain as a "follow up" to a liver flush? (Supplements, diet, enemas/colonics, etc.)

IV. Extra

Why do you believe people should liver flush? Why have you?

Any further comments on this survey, liver flushing, or liver health in general (will be considered when compiling data and/or revising the survey):

Obviously, this needs more than a little revision. Right now, it's just something I typed up quickly. Additions? Subtractions/revisions?

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