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Journal of a 6th Flush
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Published: 15 years ago

Journal of a 6th Flush

Although still hard on my system, the flushes get easier and easier. Much better production here than the last flush - produced between 100-200 pea size stones and moderate chaff. The last time I thought I may be done flushing, NO WAY. Excellent work, liver! I am finished with every other week flushing and will move into flushing once a month until stones are gone. Then, twice a year. Another US planned for December.

I have a love/hate relationship with ornithine. I decided not to use it this time. I did not sleep until the wee hours of the morning, and I was restless, anxious, and nervous. This flush brought out anxiety and muscle tightness. I was up and down to the toilet early in the game-that did not help the restlessness. When I take ornithine I feel dopey, nauseous, and nightmarish, although I rest better. When I don't take it, I rarely sleep, but I'm conscious and available for the flush. Each time I say, "Next time I won't use it" or "next time I will use it." So . . . next time I WILL use it to rest.

The preparation day was pleasant. I had a cold, but did an upper respiratory/stomach flush on Friday. Cleared out most of the congestion. I decided to go ahead with the flush. It was a 50/50 decision and I like to push the envelope. I also want to stay on flush schedule as best I can. On prep day, Saturday, I gave myself a colema, rested, read, did yoga, meditated, and DID NOT GO ANYWHERE. Did not push the envelope in this way.

Had a "flush-interruptus" experience with both the colema and the liver cleanse. The colema was uncomfortable - lots of cramping and gas. I knew I was reaching some nice toxin pockets. It felt like I had just hit the bulls eye and old trapped feces started spilling out when guess what? The water was gone. Now what do you do in a situation like that? I felt frustrated, I had just got it going. Hit a major pocket, loosened it up and got it flowing out, and bam no more water to assist. The same with the liver cleanse. THe first round of ES got me going about 11:30pm. No stones, no chaff, just stool. At about 4am I produced my first round of stones and chaff then guess what? No more ES action. I knew I'd have to wait until round 2 at 6am (did I really have to wait? I compulsively feel the need to play by the rules) but I did not like the idea of sitting for 3-4 hours will all those tosix stones and chaff just sitting there, waiting to be flushed out. And I instinctively knew that I had a lot more in me - a lot more to dispel. You know that intuitive feeling? Sometimes you JUST KNOW you're done, and sometimes you JUST KNOW you're still full. Oh well, it all came out in the end. And by 11am I was left with another bad case of . . .

. . . Burning Butt Pee! This is some of the worst pain I've ever experienced. I just hate it. I tried aloe as a wipe and a topical - it burned my skin. However, A&D ointment worked nicely after the flush, combined with extremely deep breathing during the painful flushing. I am dedicating this burning butt pee pain to all the hamburgers, hot dogs, white flour products, and chocolate/sugar laden goodies I ignorantly crammed into my beautiful body. By the way, I must admit I'm not too keen on this "burning butt pee" theory. I know you guys know what you're doing (don't you?) but why does it feel like glass is slivering my anus even when I urinate? I still think it has to do with the Epsom Salts coming out in pure form and soaking open, agitated skin. The "salt on a wound" theory may be at work. Oh well, whatever it is, it is painful for me - the worst part of the flush.

As usual, I dreamt graphically and, as usual, it was sexual in nature. Wrapped up with issues of self esteem, femininity, being chosen, being desired, and dealing with rivals. Should i write a book? I share the intimate details of these dreams every flush Sunday with one of my closest friends. But for me it proves once again that flushing the liver produces wonderful emotional as well as physical results.

Future plans: kidney cleanse in one week to precede my next flush: major 7 day Bowel Cleanse in Janurary (or when the Liver Flushes clean), pre-flush colemas and post-flush colonics, and an ever increasing sense of confidence, happiness, and well being. I am FINALLY taking care of my body and you are teaching me how.

For your presence and your free instruction and direction, leading me to a disease free life, I am truly appreciative.

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