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Re: sig-nicht-icant

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: sig-nicht-icant

 And again the body requires micrograms of iodine, not grams. One of the reasons people have so many adverse effects to pharmaceutical drugs is because the drug companies like to over dose people with compounds the body only requires in small amounts. And megadosing people is just asking for imbalances that are going to lead to other problems in the long run such as thyrotoxicosis. You may want to look at the first abstract in this link:

Note where they say " It is concluded that some individuals can tolerate very high levels of iodine with no apparent side effects and that iodine intakes less than or equal to 1.000 mg/day are probably safe for the majority of the population, but may cause adverse effects in some individuals. Determination of maximum tolerable levels of iodine intake will require human experimental studies at levels between 0.150 and 1.000 mg/day for normal subjects, subjects with autonomous thyroid tissue, and iodine-sensitive subjects."

So we see some individuals can have adverse effects at ONE milligram and you are talking about 50mg?!!!

And another one:

"The strongest data suggest that low levels of iodine (1-5 mg/day) are safe for most people for years. It should be noted that Freund et al. (48) supplied 1 mg/L iodine in water, not 1 mg/day, and estimated the average daily intake as 2-4 mg/day. Well-controlled experimental trials have evaluated intermediate levels of iodine from 10 to 32 mg/day for up to 3 months. These levels consistently cause subclinical changes in thyroid function, and may cause thyroid enlargement, but clinical hypothyroidism was not observed. "

And: "Iodine toxicity can result from an intake of 2.0 mg of iodide per day. The toxicity results in impairment of the creation of thyroid hormone, resulting in lower levels of thyroid hormone in the bloodstream. The thyroid gland enlarges, as a consequence, and goiter is produced. This enlargement is also called hyperthyroidism. Goiter is usually caused by iodine deficiency. In addition to goiter, iodine toxicity produces ulcers on the skin. This condition has been called "kelp acne," because of its association with eating kelp, an ocean plant, which contains high levels of iodine. Iodine toxicity occurs in Japan, where large amounts of seaweed are consumed."


"Studies using 3.0- to 6.0-mg doses to effectively treat fibrocystic breast disease may reveal an important role for iodine in maintaining normal breast tissue architecture and function. Iodine may also have important antioxidant functions in breast tissue and other tissues that concentrate iodine via the sodium iodide symporter."

Wow, 3 to 6mg daily is effective to treat FBD. Yet some quack is claiming that 50mg daily, which is well over what is needed to cause thyrotoxicosis, is "necessary" for treating FBD. Maybe they should do some real research and stop fooling around with people's health before they really hurt someone!!!


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