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New idea to cure Candida?

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Hope2BCandidaFree Views: 9,764
Published: 12 years ago

New idea to cure Candida?

I stumbled on something yesterday that has made me wonder if a pre-diabetic type condition causes some of us to be all the more predisposed to Candida... specifically an amino acid imbalance causing increased sugars in the blood stream. And if so, could it be as simple as taking this supplement I found and reducing sugars in the blood stream? Yea, I've had other potential causes too... Antibiotic use, mercury fillings (now removed), but I've spent years (20+) fighting this thing and wondering why it is so difficult for me and I watch other people eat like crud, and while I'm sure they are in less than optimal health, they aren't suffering to an absurd extent as I am.

Recently I found a combo of sleep supplements that work great for me. I'd been on presciption sleep meds for years, and just recently weaned off of Clonazepam/Klonapin. No small feat, but I also still needed something to help me sleep. I ordered one product and was so thrilled, I went back to order another bottle and check out their other products.

I read about one to balance blood sugar, which I have a bit of an issue with. When I ordered the first time, they included a Practioner's Guide that describe their products in greater detail than they do on their website, and noticed they had 4 patents on it and the doctor that formulated it was once the director of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, but crossed over "from the dark side" (just joking, no offense to anyone) to the natural health side of things. That kinda gave him some credibility in my mind. I haven't tried the product yet, but it's called Glycotrol (I ordered, it's just not here yet). The write up on their website makes some statements that gave me pause wondering if this could be significant for those of us who are long term Candida sufferers. I've pasted them below -- it's kinda choppy, but I didn't want to post the whole article, just enough to get to the bottom line. In the end, I'd like to know if anyone is familiar with these ideas and what your thoughts are:

"So you see, even if you do not consume Sugar or starch, if the amino-acid balance of your meals does not match what your body needs, you can end up with a big increase of Sugar in your bloodstream… the very problem that diabetics and potential diabetics strive to avoid."

"The sad part is that diabetics and pre-diabetics for decades have been told to reduce carbohydrates and increase proteins in their diet. Obviously, this recommendation has only delayed, not solved the problem.

"Early on, Dr. Jarowski realized that proteins are something of a Trojan Horse. They can change character once they are inside you… first when proteins split into amino acids, and then when these amino acids split into ammonia (yes, the same ammonia found in Windex) and sugar.

Because your body converts a part of the protein you eat into sugar, and this Sugar spills into your blood, it is no wonder the commonly prescribed diets do not work!"

He began his ground-breaking work in his laboratory by taking 60 high-protein foods that Americans commonly eat and then identifying the essential amino acids most frequently lacking. After years of study, he found that Tryptophan, Methionine, Lysine, and Valine are the four most-limiting amino acids. “Most limiting” means that they were nearly always in short supply, and simply by supplementing these four amino acids before a meal, much more of the protein could be utilized by your body, rather than be converted to waste ammonia and sugar.

When the protein in your meal is well-utilized, much less is converted to sugar, and your blood sugar stays under control. In a wonderful manner, these same essential amino acids normalize your blood sugar even when you consume carbohydrates at the same time!

That his method works is attested to by the fact that Dr. Jarowski, now 90 years old, is in excellent health, having defeated the hereditary plague that took the lives and limbs of several of his close relatives. He attributes this to one fact: early on it became clear that if he could better match protein-containing meals to his body’s requirements, sugar would not flood his bloodstream and would stabilize at, or near, its normal level. Chart I is a graph of Dr. Jarowski’s own blood sugar following a meal. The chart shows just how important and dramatic the change is when taking GlycoTrol.

As Dr. Jarowski sees it, the benefit of supplementing your diet, before a meal, with these amino acids is not limited to the reduction of “out-of-control” blood sugar. Blood sugar, when elevated, is destructive enough, but it also leads to abnormalities in blood fats and cholesterol and accounts for the preponderance of cardiovascular disease in diabetics.

For this reason, Dr. Jarowski’s patents demonstrate why providing the most-limiting essential amino acids also results in lowered blood cholesterol, lowered blood fats, lowered blood ammonia, and lowered blood homocysteine… important even for people not prone to diabetes."

Thoughts, anyone? I plan to try it and see if I notice anything, but I'm doing so many things at once, it may be hard to know. I realize the article doesn't address Candida, but given the blood sugar relevance, do you think balancing our amino acids could be a foundational key to curing Candida too? Kinda made sense to me, that if we can reduce the sugar in our bloodstream, maybe the yeast would calm down.

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