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Father that experienced an awful feeling of losing a daughter
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Published: 14 years ago

Father that experienced an awful feeling of losing a daughter

Dear Sirs,

I am a Romanian engineer and a father that experienced an awful feeling of losing my daughter.

Working in Mozambique together with my wife, we were blessed by having a daughter Andra Maria, born on 03 Sept. 1982.

Coming back to Romania in 1984, our daughter had a lot of health problems. She was always tired developing flu, fever, cough, adenopathy, nightmares, etc. Each night we had to treat her by aspirin to lowdown the fever and pains.
At 5 years (1987), she developed some swelling bosses on the skull. We thought that this might come from falling and hitting.

Passing time we found out, that after each swelling, the place was remaining empty bone structure. The finger could go by pressing to the brain, without being stopped by the skull bone.

When we went to take radiography, we found a lot of holes in the skull.

Going to Bucharest to the best orthopedic hospital, they
found "Histiocytosis X".

"Histiocytosis X" = any of a group of disorders of unknown cause characterized by histiocytic proliferation, including Hand-Schüller-Christian disease.

Histiocytosis X has typically been thought of as a cancer-like condition. More recently researchers have begun to suspect that it is actually an autoimmune phenomenon, in which immune cells mistakenly attack the body, rather than fight infections. Extra immune cells may form tumors, which can affect various parts of the body including the bones, skull, and other areas.
Some forms of the disorder are genetic.
Histiocytosis X is thought to affect roughly 1 in 200,000 people each year. It is most often seen in children age 1 to 15. The rate peaks among children age 5 to10.

Children over 5 years old often have only bone involvement.
Young children, especially infants, are more likely to have body-wide symptoms that lead to death.

She was admitted in the best oncologic hospital, where after three weeks of investigations, was decided to follow chemotherapy with Ciclofosfamide, Vincristine and Vinblastine, having according to specialists, not more than approx 6 months more to live (Histiocytosis X being fulminant at her age and case).

Before accepting, we tried to get a second opinion from the best specialists in Romania. In the end, the Minister of Health ordered her to be submitted to a comity of the most famous professors-doctors in field to evaluate the case. We met the same doctors who had seen her before and who agreed unanimous that the chemotherapy prescribed was the only right therapy for her case.

My father who was all the time beside us giving good advice, got through somebody an appointment with Prof. Ioan Manzatu who was "President of the State Committee for Nuclear Energy, Scientific Advisor for Disarmament to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director General of the National Council for Science and Technology, Scientific Advisor for two United Nation Organizations" and at that time was retrograded by Ceausescu, being member of an occult Transcendental Organization. He graduated as biologist and physicist.

When we visited him in his office, he was director of an institute for research of structured water. There we met a lot of parents with their children coming to him for treating cancers, leukemia, etc. Majority of them being happy with the progress of cure.

At first, I was very suspicious about his ability to treat my daughter because he did not look properly into all radiography images and all the test results which all together were more than 1 Kg of documents we took with us.

He said that first of all we should find out if there are same parasites in the body and only then he will be able to start his documented treatment.

We spent more than a week visiting all Romanian institutions that specialize on parasitology.

On the end, all of them gave us the exactly same result: negative for parasites.

When we showed those test results to the professor, he said that this way will be easier for him to treat my daughter.

He made a treatment program for Andra and we respected it to the letter.

The program consisted of special nontoxic diet, vitamins (with huge amounts of C, E, F, B-complex), reflexology therapy, massage, breathing technique, altitude of 600 m, etc.

In about one moth all adenomas disappeared!

She started to sleep normaly during the whole night without aspirin!

Never appeared again any swelling!

After 6 months, we decided to repeat skull radiography, though the professor insisted to not radiate her anymore.

We had visited the same orthopedic hospital where she was first diagnosed. The radiographer found out that all previous holes were rebuilt up by calcium, commenting with an African doctor how our oncologic hospital solved the problem.

When I informed her that Andra did not follow the chemotherapy prescribed, she thrown down the radiography film and started to criticize my wrong decision to treat Andra with a method advised by charlatans/quacks.

After recovering, my daughter was attending gymnastic lessons, dance, skiing etc.

I remember when doctors discovered the disease, how they were advising not to let her to run (jogging), because if she falls down, she may get a fracture, having the disease spread to all bones, based on the radiography images.

According to the radiography images, illness affected the skull, arms, bones, iliac basin, ribs, lungs by fibrosis, etc.

Now when I am writing to you this email, my daughter is one of the healthiest young lady!

One month ago, with the occasion of her birthday on 03 September, Prof. Manzatu gave to Andra the book named "The cure for all cancers" by Hulda Regehr Clark, together with other books, to read and comment with him.

I bought the same book and I started to read it too. Having some incertitude that the only cause of cancer could be the parasites, like Tapeworm stages and ascaris, malonic acid, coppered water, cobalt-containing products, vanadium in fossil fuel contamination of the air and our homes, dental metal filling, clostridium invasion and moldy foods, I start to search on websites for comments. I find some pro, but more contra written in a very fighting manner.

Maybe is not the only true way to acquire cancer by parasites, etc., but for me can be one of them. Other ways, why Prof Manzatu sent us with Andra to be checked first for parasites?

Instead to criticize so much a person like Dr. Clark, who dedicated her life to study a possible way, is better to try to understand all about this tremendous human enemies and their connection with cancer.

As the doctors did, in my daughter's case, the specialists lost the chance to find the truth, or they knew but ignored for certain reasons.

I am not a specialist on the medical field but I have read a lot having Andra involved.

For me and my family was very helpful, we are all healthy -thanks God!, following the advice of Prof Ioan Manzatu.
Specialists like Max Gerson, Gunter, Ioan Manzatu, David Servan-Schreiber, John Heinerman, Ruth Winter, Judi Vance, Kim Erickson, Christine Hoza Farlow, Ann Wigmore, Eydie Mae, Chris Loeffler, Ralph W. Moss, Rudolf Breuss, Hanna Kroeger, Michio Kushi, Tom Monte, Udo Erasmus, Ross Pelton, Jonathan Chamberlain, Russell L. Blaylock, Doris Rapp, Tim O'Shea, Russell L. Blaylock, Thomas Paine, Jean Karper, William L. Fischer, Lawrence LeShan, William Donald Kelley, Udo Erasmus, Tanya Harter Pierce, Edyie Mae, Hanna Kroege, Neil McKinney, Richard Béliveau, Denis Gingras, Patrick Quillin, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Larry Clapp, Kelley Eidem, Jacob Liberman, Harold Reilly, Linz Wolcott, Trish Fahey, James Balch, William H. Philpot, Barry Lynes, Edward Griffins, etc, etc.. should be respected, much appreciated and their work should continue, if the actual specialists in medicine are really caring for people.

If they do mistakes they should be corrected by cooperation and gentle advice and not to be treated as enemies, unless they have proves that they are mall intended.

When I read critiques by people like Stephen Barrett, Patricia Chavez, etc., I feel that they are not doing this for the benefit of Science or people, but they look like special well paid fighters of some powerful organizations, which has occult interests in reducing the population number and making dependent of pharmacy and doctors, the remaining ones.

Otherways, why are they so poisonous in their articles?

I respect doctors, especially because I have a lot of friends between them, who are very honest and open minded and use the natural remedies on the chronic diseases, without harming with drugs first.

As I understood after reading a lot of literature on this subject, the body should be treated as a whole, because treating organ by organ will affect other organs, unless, is some acute situation where the doctors should take very quick action, evaluating the risks.

I know some other doctors as well, who are paid to eat in 5 star restaurants with their friends, only to prescribe some drugs to their patients, even they do not need them.

I was invited by some of them many times, but I refused trying to convince them that this is not fair for their patients, but they explained that this is harmless and safe and I am sure they believe this.

I am sorry if this kind of doctors will feel offended, but I am obliged in front of God for the gift he gave me, regarding what happened with my daughter, to write what I think and know.

The ones who have interest to defend powerful organizations as well the leaders of those organizations, should be careful, because God for sure will pay them according to their attitude.

Wealth is not a good goal in our life when it is coming by killing and harming others.

With total respect for science, and good intentioned scientists, doctors and other involved people,

Romanian engineer

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