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Re: better late than never! actually MMS=SCAM
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: better late than never! actually MMS=SCAM

Yes it is a total scam.
An old wacko who claims NASA had to call him to fix the moon rover because they didn't know how, claims he invented the vacume tube computer, claims he invented the electric garage door opener - the list is long - an old guy with exactly no background in health matters at all, came up with this logic:

1. They put chloride (sodium chlorite and / or chlorine dioxide) into swimming pools and use it at urban water treatment facilities - SO IT MUST BE SAFE TO DRINK CHLORINE.

2. With his conclusion that chlorine isn't bad for you, he figured that since they use chlorine (bleach) to wipe off kitchen counter tops to kill germs - it is a great germ and disease killer.

3. He also learned that if you combine chlorine with citric acid , it makes it stronger.

SO... he wrote a book claiming that if you drink highly concentrated swimming pool chemicals along with citric acid it will cure every disease there is - claiming even it absolutely will cure cancer.

THAT IS WHAT Miracle-Mineral-Supplement Miracle Mineral Solution is. It is swimming pool chlorine with a second part that is citric acid .

Some Multi Level Marketing company - the same type guys that in the 1920s were taking out ads in magazines selling radioactive water as the cure for everything (of course it causes cancer just like chlorine does) - saw a good gimmick that was truly unique - because NO SANE person would tell people to drink concentrated chlorine.

As PT Barnum said, there's a suc*** born every minute. Since NO ONE EVER would try to claim chlorine was a health product but this old wacko - they turned it into a product, made an hour plus long video wearing sahari hats to look like their in Africa and that he was some type of missionairy healer - and pull all stops - saying that drinking swimming pool chlorine in concentrated form will cure all diseases including cancer.

They then put their MLM affiliates to posting hundreds of websites - including paid - with lying testimonals, non-existence studies - flooding the Internet that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement Miracle Mineral Supplement was some vast great discovery.

Chlorine (sodium chlorite , chlorine oxide, all chlorines) is one of the most health destructive chemicals there is. It causes cancer, infertility, birth defects, destroys the nervous system, liver, kidneys -

That's why chlorine kills germs. It KILLS EVERYTHING.

for more details.

This old man and moreso the affiliate sellers need to be locked up. They are LITERALLY TELLING PARENTS TO GIVE THEIR CHILDREN CONCENTRATED SWIMMING POOL CHLORINE TO THEIR CHILDREN! They are telling cancer patients to stop all conventional and alternative health care and instead drink concentrated sodium chlorite and chlorine oxide and their cancer WILL BE CURED (when in fact chlorine CAUSES CANCER.)

It is not just a scam. A scam sells you nothing. It is aggravated assault for a 15 to 50% commission. Those people - not just Humble who is a wacky old man - but the people selling it, putting up the video that it "WILL CURE CANCER", need to be dragged into court for civil fines and criminal punishment. They are as evil as it gets.

Destroying the health of little children and dooming cancer patients even hastening their cancer to make $10 or $30 off each one? It doesn't get any more evil than that.

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