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Update (Oct 2009) 2 years later - Aajonus Vonderplanitz Primal Diet

Cloves & Wormwood
Parasite Cleanse

Cloves & Wormwood
Parasite Cleanse

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Published: 14 years ago
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Update (Oct 2009) 2 years later - Aajonus Vonderplanitz Primal Diet

I thought I'd update everyone on how I'm doing almost 2 years later, in a journal format.

I've been using the Primal Diet from Aajonus Vonderplanitz for about 1.5 years now.

2 years ago I was forced to find an alternative solution to my health issues after being diagnosed with liver hepatitis and cancer. Liver cancer does not respond to any medical treatments well and you either find your own solution or you die, so that's what I did. I lived with 24 hour liver pain which sometimes caused me to vomit, lose consciousness, and urinate blood. And it was getting worse, the pain was so bad one night I thought I might have appendicitis.

The first thing I stumbled upon was Hulda Clark 's teachings, so I started a parasite cleanse, zapping, and liver flushes, which all helped somewhat. I still do parasite maintenance cleanse once a week and I Liver Flush every 2 months now.

I then went on a fruitarian diet for 6 months, which was about 5 months too long. I felt great in the first 2 months and then my health started to decrease after that. My teeth started to loosen and my gums bled a lot every day. Also, when I did eat meat the odd time, I CRAVED it like I've never craved food before. So I knew I couldn't stay on this diet indefinitely, I had to go onto something else. The fruitarian diet helped clean my body and set the stage for rebuilding and most importantly, didn't do any further damage. Unfortunately, the fruitarian diet didn't heal my body and when I started to eat protein and fat again, the liver pain came back. So the fruitarian diet didn't solve my problems.

Having said that, I'm glad that I did the fruitarian diet first because most of the testimonials that I read, where people have conquered major health challenges, the person started off either with 2-4 weeks of fruitarian, juicing, or they fasted (drinking water only, no supplements!) for 5+ days. If anyone wants to do the Primal Diet, I recommend a cleansing period first before starting.

I kind of stumbled on the Primal Diet when reading the work of Dr Bass (who has done important research on the topic of diet). When I started on the Primal Diet I mostly ate raw eggs (organic eggs I bought at the super market), raw sirloine steak (non-organic that I bought at the super market, no HGH though), and raw veggie juice (non-organic) using a Vonderplanitz formula and a Greenstar (masticating) juicer. Please note, although organic/farm fresh is infinitely better, non-organic products still worked. I sometimes made raw coconut cream. At the start I still had moderate liver pain, but it never got any worse and it became less as time went on.

Please note that I didn't have raw milk, raw cream, or raw butter when I began, and I still had results. However, in Feb 2009 (11 months after starting the diet) I found a source of raw milk, raw cream, raw butter and it enhanced the diet quite a bit, most notably it improved my circulation since my hands and feet were cold most of the time after the fruitarian diet. Also, it noticably improved my energy. I drink about a litre of milk a day now.

Regarding cheating on the diet. I do eat cooked meals on 1-2 meals on weekends and 1-2 lunches during the week. This is so that I can participate in family life and socialize with friends and co-workers. I know this reduces my healing and detoxification (I can feel it), but I have to do it anyway. I'll also eat "junk food" or desert once every 3 weeks or so, if I get a strong craving. Still, my health has been steadily increasing every month.

After a year and a half my cancer is in remission and my liver function tests are better than the average person now. Truthfully, I didn't need testing, I could feel the difference. I don't suffer with pain, my energy is much better, I can exercise again, my brain fog and ability to think is increasing again, Depression is gone, and I can concentrate again.

This week I removed my mercury/silver Amalgams (using IAOMT and Huggins protocol) with a bio-compatible filling (I was tested) and I think I'll see another spike in my health, notably in my lungs (which affect everything) and intestines (my iridologist tells me I have dormant mono). But we'll see, it could take up to 9 months or I might see no results, but considering how mercury toxic I am (I am retaining almost all mercury right now), I think I'll see positive change.

In summary I currently only use the Aajonus Vonderplanitz Primal Diet, and I only supplement with Green Pastures cod liver oil (5K-10K UI a day), a liver tonic (1-3 times per week), a parasite cleanse (once dose per week), and a Liver Flush (once every 2 months).


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