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Re: Chelation of heavy metals

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Chelation of heavy metals

So I've been thinking about chelation and I've read about 25% of the Cutler protocol as well as the summary of his protocol and several user experiences. This is what I know:

1) Chelation, done improperly, is potentially very dangerous. In a medical setting, it's killed 17% of the end-users (I think this was in Cutler's book). It's not something you do haphazardly and if you are going to do it, SLOW and safe is advised. IV chelation is not slow and safe.

2) Chelation should only be done when it's been determined that you are toxic with heavy metals. Hair, blood, and urine tests can be performed to determine this. Chelation will obviously not help (and could do plenty of harm) if you are not heavy metal toxic in the first place.

3) Chelation is complicated. Different chelators are used for different heavy metals. For example, EDTA is primarily used to chelate lead. Many "experts" don't know what they're doing. Also, different chelators work with other chelators in different cycles and different amounts. I'd advise reading Cutler's protocols before proceeding.

4) Some of the best chelators (such as DMSA) are very hard on your liver. Is your liver (and elimination organs) in good condition?

5) Chelators can remove needed minerals from your body. It shouldn't be done all of the time but in cycles of rest and chelation. Depending on the results of your hair analysis, you may have to remineralize for 1-3 months before proceeding.

6) Did I mention that IV chelators are too intense? I've read that sometimes short term use of IV chelators have been good for people with severe Arteriosclerosis, but that's about it. I've read many more disaster stories I'm afraid.

7) Chelation should never be done if you still have mercury fillings or you have not identified the source of your heavy metal toxicity. If you do it will make you worse off than before.

8) This is just my personal opinion, but I consider chelation is something that you do when every other aspect of your health has been considered and optimized and you're looking for something else. I am definitely mercury toxic, I had cancer, but it wasn't even something I considered until my cancer was in remission.

Anyway, the choice is up to you.

Myself, I will probably chelate (for mercury using DMSA and then a DMSA/ALA combo), SLOWLY (low dose) and with long cycles in between use, because I believe it could be helpful. However, I'm going to continue reading on it and I won't be doing it for a few more months, until I read Cutler's book. If you are worried about chelation, the best thing to do is to avoid whatever is poisoning you, detox through exercise or hot baths, and if you have the money a Far Infrared Sauna .

If you have black/silver fillings, they are 50% mercury and should obviously be removed by either a IAOMT or Huggins trained dentist. I just had mine out this week.


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