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Re: Five years of liver flushing. The verdict

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Five years of liver flushing. The verdict

I feel so bad for all the lost people on this site. A human body is so complex and most people think that there's a single cause for their stones. I did 19 Liver Flushes all the while monitoring my body through various types of energy kinesiology and lab testing. I apply all I've learned through self experimentation to my clients, most of whom are/were chronically ill like myself. Liver Flushing by itself has helped no one in my practice. On the same note about 3/4 of my clients needed to do Liver Flushes at some point in their treatment. There is a stone relflex that becomes reactive when the liver gets can be monitored through kinesiology. I could write a book on all the weird variations of imbalances my clients have shown. For me the only way not to just guess is to ask the body via muscle monitoring what's happening at this stage or that stage. The stones are real...I stopped flushing them out. My stools got darker and became banana shaped. Liver Flushing depletes the body of bile and if done too frequently often seems to make the bile stickier and hence more congestion. So I've found that replacing the bile with bovine salts helps most postflush, phosphatadylcholine lubricates the bile ducts and sends hormonal signals that allow the gallbladder to contract..otherwise even with plenty of cholecystokinnin it won't allow bile to leave the gallbladder for the body senses that the concentrated bile will burn the duct. Speaking of cholecytokinnin if that pathway is disrupted then the fat won't signal the liver and GB to actually expel its contents. What can screw up this pathway...low stomach acid, protein deficiency from pancreatic def, inflammation of the duodenum from critter and yeast, Depression and the neuroimbalances it creates, and there's more. How do you know what's up with this stuff? The only way I have found is with kinesiology. All these factors and many more I have found create the variability of flushes, the negative consequences of flushing and people like this woman who I feel so bad for. I have not a single client who regrets flushing. I have incurables...people messed up for so long it seems their DNA has maladapted or was never right from the get go. Again humans are so complex. The way I got better was to try everything...I have wealthy parents. I tried all the diets and most are BS...especially the vegetarian diets. Vegetables are not required for health. I went a year on barely cooked meat and fat like our ancestors did...after I cleared the critters and viruses and metals with herbs and supps, I tried this diet and all gas stopped, I no longer catch parasites...confimed via stool analysis and anaerobic stool cultures..and of course kinesiology...I did it as an experiment(angry ex veggie)Most people strengthen kinesiologically with raw meat and fat if their digestion is decent. Sounds gross well what would you be eating in the winter with no vegetation? Half of my clients are X veggies. There are reflexes that become reactive for about every issue emotional, spiritual, mental, biochemical, structural. Its all been mapped out over the last 50 years by brilliant people. Here's what nearly all chronically ill people must clear before they get better. Yeast, viruses, bacteria, parasites, metals heavy and light, non-yeast fungus(from Antibiotics for example), chemical/industrial pollutants, moldy houses(get the eff out), vaccination residues, and stop eating incompatible foods and combinations. And finally there's reflipping the circuit breakers...basically the body got used to all this stress and needs reset. In kinesiology we use the acupuncture system to accopmlish this. It takes a year to two years coming once to twice a month to do all this. At the end you will not react to any testers I have and all your muscles will be locking, and all the relfexes will be non reactive. Voila...healthy again. People with bad genes...usually must add lots of raw fat and fleshfood to regenerate and bring back the good DNA..if it ever was there to begin with. This is not a perfect world, but it can be dealt with logically and health can be restored for most. It took me many years to figure all this stuff out. I can say that these were the most advanced protocals I discovered in my miserable search to find systems of healing that were logical and catered to modern people. Chinese Medicine did nothing, naturopaths did nothing, most chiros doing only AK did fact most made me feel worse, western docs almost killed me twice. I'm a supersensitive..can feel all my merdians like neon signs. So I'm a weirdo who uses all the suffering I endured to help other lost yourself and most people on this site who are just trying to figure it all out.

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