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Re: Went to allergist & eczema looking better
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Went to allergist & eczema looking better

Hi Momo!

Oh, I forgot to mention about the saline spray--after you squirt the saline spray into one nostril, sniff it way up into the sinuses. That way it will get all the way up to thoroughly rinse them out. The saline spray shouldn't come out of your nose or get swallowed this way. After squirting and sniffing three times in each nostril, blow into a Kleenex so that everything that's congregated in the sinuses gets rinsed out. You don't have to tilt your head. I know some people use nettie pots so that the saline spray goes in one nostril and comes out the other. I've never tried this because using the Simply Saline works just as well.

If you are already doing this and the saline solution is simply going out of your nose and down your throat, then it means that your sinuses are so congested from allergens and irritants that there's not enough of an opening for the saline solution to go through. To open the sinuses up, first take a decongestant like Zyrtec D. Once the sinuses open up, use the saline solution and it will work to rinse the allergens and irritants out. Once the sinuses are rinsed out, the cleansing will help to keep them open, too.

That's so wonderful that you're eating spinach salads! I wonder if you've lost four pounds because natural foods have less sodium than processed foods like Stouffer's dinners, though (i.e., if it's water weight.) Either way, how wonderful! The items you've picked to add to the spinach sound fantastic, too, and the carrots add extra beta carotene. How wonderful! Oh my, adding cranberries does sound delicious! I'm going to try that!

About being allergic to soy and milk--even though I'm sure you're disappointed, it's better to find out now because you will feel so much better by eliminating them from your diet. Coincidentally, I had dinner last night with some friends, one of whom is allergic to milk. She said that she got tempted by a pizza earlier this week because it looked so good, but she ended up paying for it because of the cheese. Then she added that when she eliminates milk from her diet, she just feels so much better. So, that's something to look forward to!

Your healing is so wonderful, and it sounds like it's going in much the same path as mine. I had eczema all over the back of my hands and on my fingers. The eczema on the back of my hands was a red rash that itched and lymph fluids would come out if I scratched or rubbed it. The eczema on my fingers was more of a thick blistering type. When the eczema healed, it cleared first from the outside of my hands, and as it cleared, the last problem areas were my thumbs and index fingers. Eventually, all of the eczema was gone. I'm hoping that because your healing is taking the same path as mine did, your eczema will clear up completely following the same path.

I agree with what your doctor said that the eczema may be from something you are touching that you're allergic to. Because the eczema is on different areas of your body, though, I'm thinking it might be a soap you're using in the shower or a laundry detergent, and not so much the baby wipes (i.e., the baby wipes don't touch other areas of your body where there is eczema.) You might want to try changing soaps and laundry detergents to see if it helps. Dove hypo-allergenic soap or Aveeno fragrance free body wash for dry, itchy skin are both good, and fragrance free Tide and fragrance free Downy fabric softener are also good. All help with sensitive skin.

I'm not sure whether the acai drink is better than the acai fruit chews, but oh, I do love the acai fruit chews! The fruit chews have other fruits that are high in antioxidents, too, such as blueberries, pomegrante and goji. I find that I don't want to miss eating one every day. I think the fact that I wouldn't miss eating one shows that my body already knows that they are very good for it.

Keep up the good work, Momo!



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