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Herbs up the nose: a 1st experiment.

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Miss Helfinger Views: 2,692
Published: 12 years ago
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Herbs up the nose: a 1st experiment.

Bubble girl here -

now - I'm not really bubble girl anymore but during allergy season I become so again. I'm severely allergic to ragweed, juniper, mold, most cats, etc. Seriously - I've resigned myself to it may get a 'bit better' but I was told I had a left deviated septum and well - it's just the way it is. My left sinus passage is rarely not closed. Not snotty necessarily unless it's allergy season - but just closed. The right is always half-mast.

After the ridiculousness calmed down of having tried a little teeny bit and tortured myself - I did the full 1/16th tsp up the left nostril. I have to say that it did not burn in the same way near as badly. I understand this is because there was more of it, I breathed all the way and hit the back of my sinuses. I swear I felt it in the back of my brain. I did not do the right nostril - and not because I was afraid (well...maybe a teeny bit but that wasn't the total reason) but I had intended on waiting until I was done suffering so much and think about doing the other. Then it hit me - if I didn't do the right and I chose to do the one that's ALWAYS shut - then I'd have a rockin experiment.

It has been four hours now since I did the proper snuff pull. I'm still clear enough in my left nostril to breathe. It's starting to calm down but I just had tea with juniper in it (didn't realize) and I'm a little stuffed and weezy now. But before I had the juniper tea - I was fine. BTW - I had a dose of Uny's Lobelia for it rather than reach for my inhaler and I'm fine now. Verrrry interesting.

What does that mean? That means for near three decades I can't remember, without the help of something, my left nostril being as clear as it is right now. More over - the head pulsing/tickling I experienced waiting for the tears to slow - was in the place where I have headaches, the lower left occiput. And the hardened lymph node on the side of my neck pulsed. Coincidence? Eh - I doubt it.

I feel different. The left part of my head, back to the back of my brain it feels like - are much, much clearer. I covered the right side of my face and looked in the mirror - my left eye was much clearer and brighter looking than my right. I did not have any idea that I was that stopped up. Now - I cheated. I didn't have any horseradish to clear my sinuses with ahead of time and water/cayenne nasal spray/homeopathic sprays have just never worked for me. Hence - I've kept nasal spray around for when I'm miserable. so - I used that. And the clarity that I had in my left sinus a half hour after I did it was clearer and stranger than I've ever gotten from any OTC or prescription spray or med.


I'll do both tomorrow and hopefully it'll go a bit less hilariously.


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