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Re: My Baby Girl: Please Help!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: My Baby Girl: Please Help!

hi my name is cattrina hopper and i have a 4 month old daughter her daddy my bf was whating her will i was at school we live together by the why he was jocking aroung face slapping her and she was fack kiking back just kidden around she started to cry and he though he hit her to hard so he picked her up and tryed to culm her she did at first then started crying again he got scared and though he was squezzing to hard so he let go he tried to ketch her as she fell but he only slowed her down she hill her head of her round about and hit the floor he pick her up and tryed to calm her after she was calm he checked her oven and took her in immidetly hopping she was ok luckly the hospital is in town he called for a ride meanwhile bawling his grandpa took him in we got there and they did xrays and ct scan then we were transfored to st.jonhsthey did xrays again and another ct scan and then all assudent jacob got blamed for doing it on perpose even though he did NOT they took him to jail and said he shouldnt of ben playing with her eny way

so now americans can play with there kids when did this law happen
so we cant have accident well then americas screwed what next there gonna say we caant get sick

DCFS has TOOO much power

BEWARER they will twist all your words so read what the wright and scan it so u have ur own copy i didnt and well now there trying to say i said he beats me when i no we he does not and i know damn well that i didnt saa that

also st.john hospital is a joke they bsaid the found fracktures in her legs and arm the havent told me where exacly there at or showed me i asked them to and they wont they say that this chouldnt of bin an accident they dont know that and it WAS also i cant have my door closed they say they have made rood comment and yelled at me and my faimly for nothing told isabella her daddy doesnt love her and they told me that i should go home im wondering if these fracture are real THEy WONT SHOW ME THEM and she not in pain at alll shes happy eccept when she misses daddy i asked for them to do a brittle bones test and they saiud its to rare so there not gonna hello to them rare doent mean its inpossiblde it can happen if she does we need to know dont u think

they wont let here see her daddy theve gonna way over board they tested my brothg not her mine for fracture saying jacob beat them JOCON DOES NNOOTT BEAT ENYONE

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