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Please advise me, should I fast? How to begin?
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Published: 13 years ago

Please advise me, should I fast? How to begin?

First of all, I would like to apologize for using a number to identify myself. Currently, I do not feel confidant in identifying myself because, a few years ago, after the death of my son, I was seeking council from this site when a very unkind individual became harshly critical of me. I was so devastated by his comments to me that I pulled back and stopped seeking the help I so desperately need here.
That being said, I have resumed viewing Cure Zone because I do believe there are kind, knowledgeable people here who wish to encourage, build up and help others to regain lost health.
My story is this; I am a 48 y.o. female who is morbidly obese. I weigh around 250 lbs. and I have numerous health issues: Chrone's disease, glutton intolerance, 2 types of arthritis, chronic pain issues from fibromylgia and degenerative disk disease, to name some. I was given evaporated milk and corn syrup as an infant and never breast fed. I received numerous doses of Antibiotics as a sickly child and was constantly getting strep throat and suffered many broken bones. My mother was told I was calcium deficient so I was constantly given milk, at times drinking up to a gallon a day as a child.
I always had a "nervous stomach," often bending over in pain as a child (continuing into my adulthood) when there would be emotional trauma (arguments, screaming, abuse) always suffering from diarrhea/constipation and vomiting. I would eat to comfort myself (fullness equated to the love I so desperately desired) As a teen/young woman, I became addicted to drugs and alcohol and by feeding these addictions I was able to leave behind my old friend/enemy; food. As long as I continued slave to these substances, I was slender and attractive. (That plus the fact that I became anorexic/bulimic, which I have NOT practiced in years)
Once I had children and managed to leave behind the destructive habit of drug use, I once again reacquainted myself with my old friend, food. I then gained weight up to around my current mass and have weighed up to 300 or so pounds.
I know that my addictive behavior is at the root of my health issues and I truly believe that doctors, through their practice of giving out pain medications and pushing their pills have contributed to my current status. I stopped buying into their "cures" years ago. Though I could walk into a doctors office and get any pharmaceutical "remedy" that I desire, I refuse to fuel the abused practice of the legal slavery market by addicting the masses. I rarely take anything for pain other than supplements and the only thing I take as far as prescribed drugs are a hormone pill (I had a complete hysterectomy at 40, endometrosis and ovarian cystic disease) and a pill to lower my blood pressure.
My desire is to break my addiction to food and caffeine by going on an extended fast. After losing my child a few years ago, I went on an organic juice fast for 2 weeks and I STRONGLY feel that this contributed to my being able to get past a serious Chrone's flare up plus, it definitely gave me the balance I needed to survive the great loss I'd suffered by allowing me to achieve peace within. So I am fully aware of the body's ability to heal itself when a fast is done in the proper way. I am hoping that I can reach out to others here in an effort to help guide me through this journey I am wishing to embark on.
Yes, of course I want to lose weight, but I am NOT looking at doing a fast merely for the visual effect to enhance myself with. Far from it, I realize that WHEN I do drop the weight, I will have to deal with the unwanted attention that I will receive from others. This wall of fat has been a protection for me for so long that I have been reluctant to part with it. Yet, I realize that all this weight is not a friend, but it is literally killing me. I desire to, quite possibly for the first time in my life, feel healthy and well.
And yes, I am in counciling and I am a huge advocate of acupuncture, which I intend to resume this week. I know that with the proper guidance I can finally be successful in this journey I am ready to undertake.
I am here to beg for support and guidance from those more knowledgeable than myself. I am targeting Monday as the day to begin an (at least) 40 day water only fast. I am sick of being sick. I am sick of not being able to run and play with my youngest son.
Should I begin Monday on the Water Fast or should I prepare my already depleted body for what I am ready to embark on? I know I am so filled with toxins that I will undoubtedly get very ill, initially. Is this something that will soon pass? Please offer your support and loving guidance.
And I request that if anyone out there wishes to be harsh toward me, please keep your negative energy to yourself. I've had my fill of that sort of thing in my life and I wish to surround myself with only positive.
Thank you for listening and more importantly, than you in advance for sharing and caring.

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