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Re: End of Day 1

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quincyjonesfan1 Views: 3,944
Published: 14 years ago
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Re: End of Day 1

In any and every case, do not believe everything you are told. I read literature by one of the greatest business men ever. Unlike some a**ho** who writes a book to make money and just talk shit for 200 pages, this person wasn't talking common sense stuff that everyone knows. This person reveals the most valuable or you can even say invaluable information. In the business game, he is my biggest inspiration and influence (as of now). I had learnt so much and can use so much of that great information. But you know what he said? He mentioned "Do not believe everything you read in this, this is only to help you". He wrote that piece of literature to help people from getting ripped off and how to do business correctly. The information is no joke, it's absolutely golden and for him to share his magic tricks like that. You don't have to do 9 years at colleges to learn even less then what he mentioned, you can learn it in a period of a few weeks. Every bit I had to concentrate and study, because it wasn't like a scan through or a quick read through book. There's lot of great books like this to help you advance, but also lots of TRASH around.

Yes tomorrow I start, today I need to finish 1 large pizza hut pizza and 1 more cake.

I'm actually pretty thin, so I decided to eat $100 worth of food before I do the fast.

But the thing is and the problem is, I cannot eat nuts. Everytime I eat nuts, my brains becomes foggy, my stomach starts to feel painful, I become tired and I even become very sick in the toilet after!
I think the benefits of a raw food diet is mainly because it's low in fat, which stops mucous and crap fattening your body and blocking blood flow and having high blood pressure. I've read once people over eat on nuts they have problems on the rawfoodtalk forum.

I've heard some stories of peoples candida not improving on raw food diet, still get Acne after 1 year. They saw a raw food chef who had one of the worst Acne cases ever. Certain raw food is not good for you and the other raw food is good because it's low in fat. Another girl on the community said she was on the diet for 2 years and it did nothing for her (she did it with her friend), but when she went on a low fat diet (or something like that, low calorie or something) she noticed improvements. I used to be 6'4 and 146lb (yes, thin). I went on a raw food diet only to earn myself some nice white stretch marks on my ass (embarrassing). Sure it did do some good stuff for me (very little in that manner, very, very little), but it wasn't worth the stretch marks.

Like, really? Does your body need enzymes from strange foods to heal itself? Really? Don't you think your body can do that? Have you noticed before any FAT/OBESE animals (dogs and cats not included, they are human nourished)? I mention animals, because certain animals have the ability to regrow teeth and probably more healthy then human.

I do agree that cooking destroys all the enzymes and the foods become plain, like if you cook an onion, the onion will be hard to eat if it is uncooked, but you can easily eat it if cooked.

But if raw food was so healthy, why is it so bad to eat the same raw food (some of the foods, I don't know about all)? Like people say their eyes become more baggy when eating bananas. Or people say they become orange (and I've heard this from my teacher who had a few who turned orange after only eating carrots and lots of other ppl say on the internet) after eating lots of carrots. Peoples teeth get problems when they eat lots of fruits (but I think fruit acid + toothpaste = bad combo, just like acidic drinks like coca cola or fanta + tooth paste = bad combo). Toothpaste is not natural, your body is not retarded! Your body can heal teeth and can heal plaque too. How? Well I'm not 100% sure, but I do have some ideas. Think teeth plaque as a health condition in its own right.
Soaps mess with the skin flora (the skin bacteria, the good ones) and Body Odor is a health condition too! I've heard of people not having Body Odor after the raw food diet in some websites.. When you rub your skin with shampoo or soap, it goes into your blood stream, but you know what, you wouldn't eat the soap or the shampoo.

I'm not attacking anyone or nothing. I'm just telling it how it is (like that famous line of the reporter that said it, you know, the one Muhammad Ali was associated with).
I also think stress has nothing to do with health, it's a natural emotion just like anger. Still people can't get it over their head and want to blame stress for EVERYTHING. People say that stress does affect health and there is no rebate on the subject, but really, who the hell are they to know? Who the hell are they the experts? Because they read one textbook? Do they even have cures for most problems?
Also, even stress was a problem, would people really be healthier from a tumor/ Acne on their face if they kept laughing (wow, laughing magically decreases the puss of them pimples) or took anti depressants?
No acne for eastern European slaves, African American slaves, people in prison, homeless people, people working 18 hours in 3rd world countries. You really think you know stress? OMG! I have a pimple! I'M SO STRESSED!

I'm sorry. I tend to go on for quite a long time on certain things and when I do, nothing can stop me!

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