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Published: 13 years ago
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Here's some tincture basics :)



Dropperful =  A "dropperful" is the amount you can 'squeeze up' into a dropper; there is no way to 'squeeze up' enough to make the dropper actually FULL.  So one dropperful = the amount you can squeeze into the dropper - this is normally around 30 individual drops (give or take a few drops)

2 oz bottle has approximately 84 droppersful

4 oz bottle (using the larger dropper that comes in the 4 oz bottle) has approximately 148 droppersful.  If using a dropper from a 2oz bottle, there's approximately 168 droppersfuls.

4 droppersful is a little bit less than a teaspoon; before the Powers That Be villainized herbs, a dose of a teaspoon several times daily was considered "average" for most.  Remember, that was back in 1920's/30's...and if they needed that much back then (in a world without vast amount of poisons/toxins, where most folks' illnesses were an 'easy fix' for natural practicioners), it is not unreasonable to assume we need more than that to get the same effect/results.

Usage - generally the usage is a dose 3x daily.

Dose - generally the dose is 2-4 droppersful  (except for herbs with "immediate effect" - like cayenne/lobelia).  A dose of less than 2 droppersful is likely not enough to be effective or readily discernable.  For most tinctures the absolute minimum effective dose/usage is 2 droppersful 3x daily...that amount may NOT BE EFFECTIVE for many people.  There are some that will respond to lower dosages - and some that find smaller doses 5-6x daily works better for them.  As always, LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR WITHIN.


Here is a table for calculating how many ounces of a tincture one needs depending upon how many days & droppersful they choose to take:

2oz  =  84 drpfl   ÷ 30.5 days =  2.8 drpfl   ÷ 14 days =  6 drpfl   ÷ 10 days =  8 drpfl

4oz (using 2oz dropper) = 168 drpfl   ÷ 30.5 days =  5.5 drpfl   ÷ 14 days = 12 drpfl  ÷ 10 days = 16 drpfl

4oz (using 4oz dropper)  = 148 drpfl   ÷ 30.5 days =  4.85 drpfl  ÷ 14 days =  10.5 drpfl  ÷ 10 days =  14.8 drpfl

8oz  (using 2oz dropper) = 336 drpfl     ÷ 30.5 days = 11.0 drpfl   ÷ 14 days = 24 drpfl   ÷ 10 days = 33 drpfl

8oz (using 4 oz dropper) =  296 drpfl      ÷ 30.5 days =  9.7 drpfl  ÷ 14 days =  21 drpfl    ÷ 10 days =  30 drpfl

(none of the droppers measure 2oz or 4oz...the above 2oz/4oz "dropper" indicates the dropper from the 2oz bottle or the dropper from the 4oz bottle)

Notes on tinctures:

Herbs vs pharmaceuticals & isolated substances:  Herbs are NATURAL and will respond in each natural body differently!!!  Chemicals "force" their action - herbs worth "with" the body and it's condition.  Example: a 2 dropperful dose of Cayenne #1, and I can actually feel it working throughout my body...I can feel the circulation "opening up" sometimes down to my fingers (even my legs).  I know someone else that is taller than me, but weighs less...that needs 6 droppersful to feel the same effect.  Yet her husband (taller and weighs more than both of us), needs the same as me or less.

Tincture are alcohol based - they assimilate into the bloodstream through the stomach (and/or upper intestines) within seconds/minutes of taking them.  Taking tinctures on an empty stomach will ensure 'immediate delivery' into the bloodstream, but they will get into the bloodstream eventually even if you take them with food.  Still, the less you 'water them down', the better.

Mixing tinctures - yes, you may...just use common sense.  Don't take a stimulant herb with a sedative herb...and don't take 4-5 tinctures that each have one single ingredient in common (or herbs with the same action), indiscriminately.

There are many tinctures we feel the results of immediately - others must be in the bloodstream 'doing there thing' for up to two weeks before we can sense their action.  (For example, we can't expect the Lung/Bronchial tincture to soften, loosen and help expectorate decades worth of dried/compacted "lung mucous" in just a few days, that'd just be silly...yet for someone with an infection that's already loose & phlegmy, they may sense it's action very quickly).  SO, please don't expect results of all tinctures to be immediate, and DO expect that (with some) you'll need to take them for at least 2 weeks to be able to discern the results or efficacy. 

Please, lol, before you ask "which ones are fast", give it some thought - example: the Liver/Kidney tinctures that we take as part of the Liver/Kidney cleanses obviously work the day/week we're taking them...and not two weeks later.  And some are different depending on the person (and how clogged and/or compromised they are).  I notice a distinct improvement in memory with the Brain Formula in 5 days - that would not likely be the case for someone with Alzheimers.

Notes on specific tinctures:

The Liver tincture needs to be taken by itself, in water only - the bitter herbs (and their taste) is imperative to them working.  Do not blend this tincture with others or mix with juice...just put the dose in a spash of water (a gulp's worth) for best results

Cayenne tincture can be considered somewhat of a catalyst for other tinctures!  According to Dr. Schulze (due to it's actions on circulation), if mixed with other tinctures, it 'speeds them' into circulation and throughout the body.  He claims where it normally takes 4-6 weeks to discern the benefits of Ginkgo on the brain, if one adds a lot of Cayenne, you'll see the benefits in days instead of weeks.

Lobelia tincture has many (many!) benefits - particularly for spasms/seizures, asthma attacks, and dilating the bronchials.  It can also be used as an emetic (to induce vomiting).  Generally it takes HIGH doses to achieve this (several teaspoons or tablespoons).  However in someone that's extremely sensitive to herbs, it's possible to induce vomiting with less.  (Personally, I can take 3 droppersful without feeling the slightest bit queasy).  I suggest folks start with 10-15 individual drops...and work up to two droppersful or more (unless it's an emergency).  It's really not something to be worried about (even if you're OCD about vomiting) because it doesn't just 'sneak up on you' in anyway.  I have "pushed it" to see how much it would take for me...taking 2 droppersful every 10-15 minutes, on the 3rd dose I started to feel a bit flushed/sweaty - on the fourth, I started feeling quite queasy and my mouth started watering in that "oh, maybe you're going to throw up" kinda way.  I didn't push it any further than that (lol).  The feeling started dissipating immediately, was gone within 20-30 minutes...and I was yawning heavily and I had a VERY relaxing/deep nap (and felt fantastic when I woke up).  Lobelia is also a very slight sedative/calmer (which is another thing that makes it perfect for asthma attacks).


Healthiest of blessings,







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