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Email I Sent to Pediatrician
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Published: 10 years ago
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Email I Sent to Pediatrician

Dear Dr. Adams:

I really hope this important message reaches you, and you will take the time to read it.

The ortho is "deeply concerned" with the continued "irregularity" of Nani's proximal femur (that also has the continued appearance of "ground glass") and now we are to go get an MRI.

I was told he would want to consult with you to determine if she should just be heavily sedated prior to the procedure, or if an anesthesiologist should be brought on board to put her under.

Nani has already undergone six x-rays in four short weeks ... repeated radiation on a child whose bones and organs are still forming and developing ... and I am not comfortable with continuing this aggressive cycle of diagnostic imagery.

I feel we should wait to see how Nani continues to progress on her own. Her recovery has been remarkable, and there is no more pain whatsoever. She is laughing and playing, and even running (with only the slightest limp.)

I have the utmost respect for the medical field, and aside from a panicked start as I adjusted to having a newborn again, I have never abused the services. I am not the mother who runs to you for every fever or sniffle, and have always leaned toward a holistic approach to healing. My children's immune systems are strong, and they seldom get "sick."

I rarely contact you, but when I do you can be assured it is because my gut tells me that extra reinforcements, beyond chicken soup and Mama, may be needed.

Well, my gut tells me Nani is fine, and will be fine.

The ortho would not specifically answer my questions as to why he wanted to investigate this further, and "vague" does not go over well with me so I came home and began my own research.

What I found on the surface was, indeed, disturbing (osteosarcoma, fibrous dysplasia, various types of bone cysts, etc) and I can understand his wanting to adhere to protocol ... especially since the more serious diseases are often found accidentally while treating an initial, separate trauma.

I compared her x-rays with osteosarcoma images, and found nothing that is remotely similar (with my untrained, but critical, eye.) Besides, she really doesn't fit the standard profile of this rare disease anyway.

And, in the event that "this irregularity" is a mild case of fibrous dysplasia, most likely her healthy body will correct the issue on its own (if allowed) and it will be outgrown.

But I highly doubt it is FD because there is no continued bone pain (and the bone pain she did have was an acute symptom resulting from injury); there is no unexplained difficulty walking; there is no unusual skin pigmentation; there is no bowing or shepherd's crook; etc ... so, once again, she doesn't fit the standard profile.

Further research taught me that, in the event "this irregularity" is indeed a benign (UBC) bone cyst, then most likely it will be absorbed by her own healthy cell growth as the bones slowly ossify.

Still ... my gut is telling me that the ortho is probably wanting to rule out fibrous dysplasia and/or possible bone cyst with this MRI order ... maybe even possibly wanting to pinpoint where to draw a biopsy just to be safe ... given his repeated usage of the terms "ground glass" and "irregularity."

So I delved deeper into my research and also discovered something else very interesting.

Not to insult your intelligence (or his) at all, but to try to show my own capability of having just a little myself, I discovered that rapid bone growth and new bone formation can also present the exact same description of a "ground-glass" appearance.

Where bone is formed rather rapidly, such as what occurs with a growing child and/or during a fracture repair, the collagen fibrils often assume a very irregular orientation, and the spicules of new bones are often responsible for the well-known "ground-glass" appearance of the fibrous region.

Nani is a growing child and is also repairing a possible fracture ... so, in her case, a "ground-glass irregularity" would not necessarily be so abnormal afterall.

No need for invasive procedures.

At least right now.

Therefore, I humbly request that you please support me in my decision to postpone immediate and further procedures, and allow me to wait and see how my child progresses with careful observation, continued good nutrition, and Mama's old-fashioned intuition.

I promise to call you if I notice anything that sends my red flags back up.

Thank you so much for your time, and I pray I haven't offended you.

Brooke Crow

P.S. I have the ortho's CD with her images and records if you would like them ... I'd like to schedule a follow-up appointment with you next week to discuss this, and to monitor Nani's well-being with her primary physician since birth.

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