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Re: What Grz is saying -
Miss Helfinger Views: 4,342
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: What Grz is saying -

With the greatest respect I can muster - let me take a step back. I agree with the ML banning and my previous posts should show that.

Grz studies energy - read more of his posts that don't pertain to pH and NPN and you'll understand more of where he was coming from. Energetic laws of attraction, manifestation and sacred mirrors are his point. It's that the exacerbation that happens when one is deemed the attacker and one the attackee - there is, in fact, a mob mentality that comes along with it. Especially when those attacks have been persistent on both sides of the fence. I have personally read dozens of threads where people that were not, in fact, dealing with ML in his forum - would bash him repeatedly. Yes - he has become the 'town fool' if you will. Does that make a person mad? It does. I speak from experience - and I will not express more about that but again - when you become an attractive target the ripple effect widens.

Point being that the air in his forum reflected that - that is simple energy in effect. It means that ML is responsible for having reflected that aggravation and brought it to each subsequent questioning of his methods and ideologies. Both sides of the fence were present for most or all of these intertanglings.

When a dog is wounded and a group of kids come along (some with sticks) and a few in the group are trying to persuade the wounded and bleeding dog to understand why he shouldn't have tangled with that racoon in the first place and a few of that small and seemingly well-meaning mob poke sticks at the wounded animal - it will lunge at you. Is it because the dog has less reasoning than a pack of kids? Nope. Not in the least - it means that without the humility on the attacker's part to understand what they're creating on the other side of their dynamic is fool hardy. It will create ripples in the continuum. I am IN NO WAY condoning ML's rantings (especially toward someone I care a great deal about) BUT - The Laws of Attraction and Manifestation AND Sacred Mirrors abound - always and forever and during the magnetic and photonic shift - they're speeding up and more dense than ever before.

also - I have to say - that we've been in Mercury Retrograde since the beginning of this month and it won't go direct until 10/3. During Mercury Retrograde (and most recently Saturn opposing Uranus bringing up social mirrors for folks to look at) even the most well-intended communication is misperceived and blown out of proportion.

I believe ML has been given a lot of Hallmark-quality requests to temper and I believe that he has negated them.

I also believe that Grz has had some pretty dense points that are being overlooked. His fault? Not having read through tireless and countless poo slinging and having come back to defend a man that has helped him heal his life selflessly. That does not mean that Grz is defending ML's right to bash gays, support sodomy or making people out to be idiots for not drinking the drink. Grz (unlike MOST OF US) has taken the time to get to know ML. Ya know the adage 'walk a mile in a man's shoes'....


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