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My Baby Girl: Please Help!
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Published: 10 years ago

My Baby Girl: Please Help!

My baby girl is being sucked into the system.

She is two months shy of fourth birthday, and was bulldozed by her best friend next door (a rottweiler) four weeks ago because he was too happy to see her.

I did not see the collision as it happened in the neighbor's front yard ... vision blocked by cars and shrubs ... but, luckily the neighbor witnessed it, and luckily the neighbor is a CPS social worker! Oh, and even more luckier, the next door neighbor and I use the same pedi!!

(These facts are important to "cover my ass" later against possible suspicious allegations of abuse.)

I remained calm throughout the initial panic and intense pain, and called her pedi ... thankfully the pedi knows we prefer a conservative approach to medical issues, and knows my baby is not one of her patients that is seen for every single fever and sniffle (in fact, baby girl hadn't been to the doctor since her two year check-up.)

Anyway, the pedi assured me a blow from a dog is not enough force to break a bone (especially a baby's) and agreed that I should just watch her and wait for her to heal on her own.

Baby girl laid motionless for five days ... which is RARE ... and, two of those days she was in intense pain. I kept her as comfortable as possible. We all assumed a deep-tissue injury or some other related acute trauma.

Pedi finally, and reluctantly, surmised an xray was in order on the sixth day of no standing/walking.

DX: irregularity of proximal femur with possible hairline fracture of hip socket

Still, as frustrating as it was ... we both decided to wait it out.

Her pedi saw her on the 9th day of healing, and baby girl was still refusing to attempt to walk.

So, x-ray in hand, we were sent to an orthopedic specialist for further evaluation ... actually, with the intent to set our minds at ease, and to be told this is normal.

(Mind you, we pay out of pocket as we have no medical insurance.)

Ortho didn't even look at original xray ... he wanted his own ... this is the 11th day of healing.

Yep ... same diagnosis ... irregularity of proximal femur with POSSIBLE hairline fracture of hip socket ... come back in two weeks for a follow-up. $350 for a two hour wait, and less than three minutes of his time.

Today was the follow-up. More x-rays. Bone appears to be mending at a rapid rate (which is NORMAL for a baby.) Cannot even see the prior POSSIBLE hairline fracture of hip socket anymore.

BUT he is "deeply concerned" with the continued "irregularity" that has the continued appearance of "ground glass" on her proximal femur.

And now we are to go get an MRI ... which will have to be scheduled as a surgery because, due to her age, she'll most likely have to be "put under."

He'll consult with her pedi to determine if she should just be heavily sedated or if an anesthesiologist should be brought on board.

Everytime I questioned him I was brushed off ... even right down to "what exactly are you looking for or hoping to rule out?"

He was extremely vague with his responses even when I called him out on his vagueness. He maintained that he just didn't like it at all, and wanted to investigate further.

So I came home and began my own research.

Of course, what I found was frightening ... bone cancers and whatnot ... and I shed buckets of body-wracking tears ... but I continued researching.

What I stumbled upon was the fact that, aside from fibrous dysplasia and/or a possible benign bone cyst (which can cause these so-called ground-glass appearances), rapid bone growth and new bone formation can also present the exact same description of a "ground-glass" appearance!!

Where bone is formed rather rapidly, such as occurs with the growing child and/or during a fracture repair (both instances fit my baby to a T) the collagen fibrils often assume a very irregular orientation, and spicules of new bones are responsible for the well-known "ground-glass" of the fibrous region.

Help! My baby is being sucked into the system!

Why are they doing this? And how can I get out of it?

What would you do?

Do you think I can find a way to creatively postpone their additional "testings and treatments" ... while I attempt to treat her here at home?

By the way, she began tentatively walking this past Sunday ... and every single day she has gotten stronger ... she is stiff in the mornings, but loosens completely up by mid-day.

She has no pain at all whatsoever anymore ... just a small limp.

My baby is healing on her own, and the system wants to make a case out of her.

I can see it now ... MRI ... well, let's do a biopsy ... come back in two weeks for another xray (or whatever) ... please help.

She has already had SIX x-rays since this whole ordeal began.


(Put yourself in my shoes: this is YOUR baby ... what would YOU do? What treatment would YOU begin for her at home?)


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