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fungal siege warfare?
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Published: 10 years ago

fungal siege warfare?

15 August 2009...after much study..determined
that Candida just might be at the core of my list
of woes..[which matched the standard "list of candida symptoms" to a very high degree.
...started taking herbal antifungals, [black walnut/kyolic/
oregano oil/pau d'arco/and coconut oil, just to really annoy them].
Within ten days, my arms and legs were covered with hundreds of lesions... all of them [sooner or later] with
tiny rhizoids/hairs/filaments growing out of them.
I remember the amazement of seeing [and photographing with
a hand held microscope camera] fungi hairs growing out of
my finger tips..[and just about everywhere else].
Skin was trashed. [ I think i pissed them off..yep].

**it's been a month of medicating skin with tea tree oil/
desenex [miconazole acetate]/cocoanut oil/gentian violet.
Skin is only half healed..but it is progressing.
Have had two events where there were so many "departing fungi" that i endured severe constipation...[aloe vera gel
capsules help a LOT to prevent this sort of plugging].

...a month has elapsed..and still i have large numbers
of small "rhizoids/fungal filaments" in the stool..
every urine sample is full of yeasty fluffy bits and
a few small to medium filaments. [10-20mm or so].
This seems to be taking a long time to clear out a fungal
infestation. Maybe the dosage is too low..

current "bomb loadout": 1.5 gm pau d' arco, 2 times /day
kyolic 103: 2 caps 2xday//black walnut 1gm 2xday[just bumped to 1.5 gm]// oil of oregano, 2 caps twice day[64mg
of cavracol twice a day].
.....along with a clove or two of garlic a day, 2-3 tbsp
of coconut oil..[..tend to miss the coconut oil..i find it

...a month..and still the siege continues..
I feel like I am in some sort of standoff..with THEM multiplying at a rate just suffient to avoid being conquered. I find filaments in the blood samples too..
they do not seem to be reducing in numbers..every drop of
blood..i can find filaments. I suspect that if the candida
has gone full hog invasive in the blood may be
too tough a target for herbals. Don't know..just a suspicion. The war continues. At least i can eat starches
again...without inflating like a balloon. Small victories..but I'll take them. And the killer mental fog is dissipating...sunlight out there...somewhere.

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